Fall =)

Fall is definately here, and I have lacked really bad at blogging!  Life has been super busy lately!  We've had lots of fun lately =)  We enjoyed an afternoon at a local orchard a couple of weeks ago.  We had already picked apples at another orchard, so at this other one we went through their cornmaze and then got free ice-cream after.  Yummm!!  They also have goats there to feed.  Emma loveesss this! 

Every year this place we go to has a cornmaze.  And every year it's in the shape of something different.  Last year I believe it was a butterfly.  This year it was a Unicorn.  It's really quite cool! 

I love this photo of Emma and Brian =)

Our little family! =)

Emma had a Halloween party to go to last weekend.  Well, I ordered her Halloween costume.  She's going to Jessie from Toy Story =)  And...of course the costume didn't come in time for the party.  So we had to piece something together for her.  Brian and I went to Wal-Mart one morning after dropping her off at school and we pieced together an adorable little witch costume for her!  She looked so cute and was excited to be a witch for the party!

The afternoon before the party I took Emma to have lunch with Brian at work.  After, of course I had my camera in the car with me so I wanted to stop and take some photos of her in a field in the town where my husband works.  I *love* taking photos of her =)

Well, that's it for now!  Tonight Emma and I are going to make cupcakes for her class tomorrow.  It's Fall Festival at school...so we are making Candy Corn Cupcakes!  I'll post photos of that soon! =)