Friday Favorites

Well Hello!  And Happy Friday =)  Is anyone else as excited as I am that the weekend is almost here?!? =) I just need to get through this 16 hour shift at work and then I have the weekend off.  Yes 16 hours.  It's long, but I am very thankful for a good job that I enjoy.'s Friday and I am linking up with the fabulous Narci, Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!
We've had a really great week and there is so much about this week that I have loved.  One of them bringing the girls to the store to pick out band-aids for Noah's Bandaid project.  If you missed that post, you can read it HERE.

The girls loved picking out band-aids to send.

If you click on Noah's Bandaid Project it will direct you to their website where it will show you how you too can help =)

We loved Apple picking this week!  And so fun to be able to cross it off our Fall Bucket list =)

And we actually were able to get a family photo in =)  

Back a month or so ago, I along with a bunch of people I work with did a pre-taping of a local Nite Show.  It's kind of like a David Letterman type show.  The other night was the final taping of it.  I was able to bring Emma with me and it was really fun to see how TV shows all come together.  She loved that she was actually on TV, and she was also able to see what backstages look like.  After we left there I wanted to quickly stop at TJ Maxx to pick something up.  While we were in there Emma was looking at their blankets they had hanging up.  She must have asked me a dozen times if she could get one.  And a dozen times I said "No, not tonight." We walked a couple aisles over and a lady came around the corner with money in her hand.  She looked at me and said "Ma'am, I would really like to buy a blanket for your daughter".  I was speechless.  I immediately told her no that she didn't need to do that, but she insisted.  She said she was in line at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and the man in front of her bought her groceries.  She said that this was the first opportunity that she felt she needed to pay it forward to someone else.  I wanted to cry.  This lady was the sweetest, nicest most kind person I have met in a long time.  She took Emma and they picked out a blanket.  And then she paid for it.  I asked her if I could take their photo and she was a bit embarrassed but she agreed =) 

There was even change left over after purchasing this blanket, and I told Emma to give the lady the change back, and she wouldn't take it.  So to whoever you are, because I never did ask your name...THANK YOU!  You not only made my night, but you made Emma's night!!! <3

I participated in a Blog Mug swap that Stephanie and Beth co-hosted together.  Is there anything better than getting paired up for a blog swap with someone and receiving a package from them?!? =)

My package from my partner arrived the other day, and I can't wait to show you all what was inside!  But you will have to wait until October 10th for the reveal =)

The other night after dinner I made an apple crisp for desert.  Using our fresh apples we had just picked the day before of course =)  I also made a small one and sent Emma across the street to our elderly neighbors house with it.

She was so thankful for it.  The girls just love her to pieces and she loves them just as much =)

If you love Thirty-One bags, and are looking to buy one or host a party, Justine at Full Hands Full Heart is your go to girl!  We just closed on my party the other day, and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing Justine is to work with.  If I had any questions at all, I would text her and she would get right back to me with an answer.  I was worried I wouldn't have much for sales, but I did pretty well.  So thank you for everything Justine!!! =)

And lastly, I hope you all have a great Friday and an amazing weekend!!!  I'll see you back here Monday, and feel free to linkup Monday with hello Monday =)
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What's Up Wednesday...On Thursday =)

Hi!  So today I am linking up a day late with with the fabulous Mel, Shaeffer and Shay for, What's up Wednesday =)  I posted yesterday about Noah's Bandaid Project.  You find that post HERE.  So today, Thursday, i'm sharing my What's Up Wednesday on Thursday =)

Heather and I host a monthly recipe club, and I have been trying new recipes that some sweet bloggers shared.  Jessica from Life. Love. Reality shared her pulled pork recipe. Monday I made it.

So easy!  I used a 3lb boneless pork roast, sliced one sweet yellow onion, and then added a 12oz can of Coca Cola.  Put it in the crockport on low for 8 hours.  Then I shredded it and added Sticky Fingers BBQ sauce to it.  Easy and everyone loved it.  Thank you Jessica for sharing this recipe =)  And if you are interested in our Recipe Club, grab our graphic and please join us next month on October 19th! 

 Summer.  I love love fall.  But I do miss our lazy summer evenings and time spent at the pool.

I am LOVING the fall nailpolish colors again.  All summer I've worn pinks,light purples and teals.  Now that Fall is here.  I'm wearing dark polish's again and I love it!

We've been crossing things off our Fall bucket list!  We've been to the pumpkin patch and apple picking!

At this point.  Nothing!  And that is amazing!!!

I am working on refinishing this beauty =)

 I got this old sewing table when Brian's grandmother passed away.  I can't wait for the finished product =)

59 Days! We cannot wait!!!  I'm ready to see some Palm Trees and let's face it, Mickey and Minnie ;)

All over blogland people have been talking about the new show on NBC, This is Us.

I watched it the other day, only one episode had aired so far, and Oh. My. Goodness!  If you haven't watched it, you must!  I went from laughing, to crying, and then laughing again, and then bawling.  It's an amazing show and an amazingly talented cast.  You must watch!!

My current playlist.

That is still to be determined.  But Brian and I both have the weekend off!  I'm sure it will involve something outside as long as it's nice out =)

More fall related stuff!  Getting the girls Halloween costumes, and enjoying this time of the year with them =)

Not a whole lot.  It's been crazy busy around here, and sports season is starting very soon and then we will be even more busy!!

Bonus questions: Favorite Fall Recipe. 
 Last week for the Recipe Club I shared my pumpkin bread recipe.  It's good!!  If you haven't made it yet, you must!!

And here is the recipe for you =)

It's delish!  

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!  See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites =)

Noah's Bandaid Project

A few weeks ago I received an email from a sweet blog friend, Desiree.  She had received this e-mail from Brittany who blogs over at Just Another Day In Paradise.  Brittany has neighbors who had a sweet little boy Noah, who passed away in 2015 from pediatric cancer. Before Noah passed away, he started Noah's Band-aid Project.  At 6 years old he realized how un-cool skin colored band-aids were.  He started this project to collect fun band-aids and distributed them to other kids at a Children's Hospital. 
With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Brittany offered to collect band-aids, and deliver them to Noah's parents.  This is where we as bloggers came in to play.  

A few days ago I took the girls to the store to pick out some fun band-aids to send to Brittany.  Alyx is still way to young to understand, but on the way there Emma and I talked about what exactly what  were doing and why we were doing this.  Emma has the biggest heart ever and this was something that she felt very strongly about. So we headed to Target!

Alyx had a really really hard time picking just the right ones. Emma's picks were easy.  =) 

I'm so glad that the girls and I did this together.  And I certainly hope these band-aids will bring a smile to a little girl or little boy fighting this horrible disease.  And Thank You Brittany for collecting these band-aids!! 

Apple Picking 2016

Hi Friends =)  And Happy Tuesday!   Fall has definitely found it's way here to Maine.  Up until yesterday we had temperatures in the 80's.  And when I got into my car yesterday morning to bring Emma to school, it was 39 degrees and my windshield was completely frost covered.  I'm not going to was actually kind of nice =)  I truly love Fall.  And it's here =)

Thankfully it didn't take long for the frost to go away, and the temps rised to mid 60's =)
So after we picked Emma up from school yesterday we went Apple picking!  We are really getting a good start on our Fall Bucket List!

We decided to hit up a different apple orchard than the one we have visited in the past.  And I am very happy we did!  The apples at this particular orchard were huge!  And so many different varieties of them.

Alyx was all about picking an apple as soon as we got there.  She picked one, and carried it around the orchard the entire time we were there.

And I have to mention.  I did bring my big camera with me and Emma went to take a picture and said it wasn't taking photos.  Well it certainly helps when it has a memory card in it.  Yup.  Left it at home! ha =)

Emma loved climbing in the trees to get the huge apples at the top.  I may or may not have been scared to death she was going to fall and break an arm or a leg.  But I took a deep breath ;)

That's a good apple!

There is the apple again.  She carried the same exact one all the way home with her =)

It came out really dark...but you get the picture...My family <3

Apple picking is my favorite fall thing to do.  And today I am going to spend the afternoon making an apple crisp and making mason jars of homemade apple sauce =) 
I hope you all have a great Tuesday! 
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