Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!  We have had an awesome long weekend!  It started Friday building our patio and it ended this afternoon with a parade.  Yesterday we had a BBQ here at our house with family.  We finally got to break in the patio with some yummy food and drinks!

The girls had so much fun playing together.  We have no boys in our family hardly at all.  There is one boy on my side of the family, but none on my husbands side.  It's so strange.  He came from a family of 3 boys, he has 2 brothers.  And now all his brothers have girls.  So strange huh! 

I surpised Emma yesterday with this dress.  She saw it at Target back a couple of weeks ago and wanted it soooo bad.  She loves the Disney show Austin & Ally, and this is one of the Ally dresses from Target.  She had to put her cowgirl boots on to go with it!  Love it! =)

Emma with the girls!  My poor niece Haley in the very front got sooo many bug bites on her face while they were at camp. 

I didn't take too many photos yesterday at the BBQ.  This morning we headed out to the parade =)

Emma and Lottie get along sooo well.  They just moved here from Germany.  Lottie's dad is in the military.  He left bright & early this morning to go back to Germany and he won't be home until Christmas.  Lottie was so sad this morning.  =(

The picture above is one of my brother in laws driving the firetruck.  My niece and his wife were in the back =)  My other brother in law was suppose to be in the parade as well, but he ended up having to go to a medical call with the ambulance. 

After the parade Lottie was a bit upset about her dad leaving so we wanted to take her mind of things for a bit so we made a stop at the University of Maine farm.  Emma has loved this place since she was about a year old.  She loves going to see the animals.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I know that we sure did!  I wish the weekends were longer =)

Long Weekend!

I just *LOVE* long weekends!  I ended up taking a day off from work Friday so I would have Friday, Saturday & Sunday off!  I thought maybe it would be a nice relaxing few days off....boy was I wrong!! haha  Friday my husband had planned to start working on our patio area.  He had a friend of his coming over to help him.  Mind you neither of them have any patio experience at all.  So they got started not really knowing exactly what they were doing. haha  They were shoveling sand into the area they wanted, and then out of the blue one of our neighbors appeared with a tractor!  This was a HUGEEEE help!  He loaded all the dirt into the area where we needed it.  I just love my neighbors =)  Brian, his friend, and Me all worked until about 7:00 pm last night.  We started at 10:00ish.  It was a long day.  We ended up going out to eat last night when all was said and done.  So today we got up at 8:30, and headed to Home Depot to get a few more things we needed.  Today it was just me and my husband doing all the work.  We got back from Home Depot around 10:00 and again we didn't stop until almost 7:30 tonight.  Oh. My. Word.  Putting a patio down is HARD work.  I am sore in places I haven't been sore in a long long time! haha  I took a shower this evening and I think I stood under the hot water for at least 45 minutes.  So here are the photos of what we accomplished!

Day 1.  Prepping the area where the patio will be.  =)
(doesn't he just look soooo happy )  =)

Don't mind the Rhubarb bush in the backyard that has gone to seed at the top.  I usually get out to cut it and make something with it, but there wasn't much time this year.  Looks pretty crappy right now! =)

Our awesome neighbor and our Friend doing some of the work.

Emma was soooo good while we were doing this.  My husbands mom came down and kept her company.  Emma has a playhouse that we hadn't cleaned yet this spring.  So my mother in law emptied it all out, I got Emma a big bucket of warm water and soap and she went to town cleaning her kitchen set.  And the cool part of her kitchen set, it was my husbands when he was her age =)

She insisted on wearing her boots outside =)

TA-DAAA!!  There are some that are kinda crooked and not exactly 100% even, but you know what, it was our first patio we have ever put down.  We had to go in and fill all the holes with sand.

I love how one of our cats, Bella, is sitting in the window in this picture! =)

I'm sooo excited to start using this!  We still need to rototil the front portion you see in the picture.  Then I will plant some flowers and plants and it will look much much better.  Brian also needs to sand down the wooden beams a bit as well.  Tomorrow i'm going to get my patio table on it and we are having a BBQ with some friends and family!! 

I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend!!! =)

I Love him...

This morning has been perfect so far.  Brian worked the overnight last night, so he didn't get home until after 7:00 this morning.  He let me sleep in until 10:00!  I love sleeping in =)  When I got up I could immediately smell cleaning products.  I went into the kitchen and my hubby had cleaned it spotless, including washing the floor!!!  He changed the laundry over and folded what was in the dryer.  And the living room was also spotless.  And what was sitting on one of my tables in the living room.....

A beautiful bright springy bouquet of flowers!!!  They are soooo pretty!  And so unexpected!!

Seeing the note put a HUGE smile on my face!!

It was so nice to sleep in and wake up to this =)  Definately made my day! 

We are having our side lawn fixed today!  YAY!!!  The guy who is doing it is a coworker of mine.  I went out and said hi and he told me that it's a bigger job than they expected.  Sooo hopefully all goes well for them in doing it!!  =)  Have a great Saturday everyone!!! =)

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!  We had a really good day today!  After I dropped Emma off at school, I came home and did a little blogging and a few things around the house.  Then I headed out shopping with a family member who just moved here last week from Germany!  Her husband is in the military and they just bought a house here in our town.  I'm so happy they are here.  She is from England, so everything is completely new to her being in the United States.  We had such a great time out!  We headed over the airbase to do her grocery shopping on base.  It was sooo strange shopping on a military base.  I'm used to my normal grocery store! haha  Then we headed to the Christmas Tree Shop (no they don't sell christmas trees there, haha )  I totally love this store !  They have some of the coolest things there.  Then we headed to Lowes.  I got some spray paint to paint the railing of our steps out back. 

After that, the hubby and I went and had lunch at Subway.  I can say that i'm slightly addicted to the Flatbread BLT's right now from Subway.  Sooo good.  =)  Then it was time to pick Emma up from school, and then head to our grocery store.  I'm a good wife and cooked Brian supper to bring with him to work.  Marinated pork chops with onions, sauted zuchinni, and I made the Cracker Barrels hasbrown casserole.  It was super good! 

After Brian headed to work, Emma and I went to the gardens at the University.  She wasn't really into having photos taken today, but I did get some!  She was insistant on wearing the same dress she wore last night to her concert.  Sooo of course I let her =)  Here are a couple of photos.

I am slightly in LOVE with this picture!  I'm loving the preset I used to edit it, I hadn't used it before, but now i'll probably be using this preset all the time now! haha

I'm in love with this little girl.  She's the best ever! =)

Our weather decided to take a turn for the...BETTER!!!  Finally!  No more rain!  The weather today was beautiful!  It was in the 70's, sun was shining all day.  It was great.  The rest of this weekend is suppose to be just as nice.  And of course this is my weekend to work, but at least I can enjoy it during the day =)

The flowers are also starting to bloom around here.  Spring flowers make me smile =)

My poor brother in law and sister in law had to have one of their kittens put down today.  I felt sooo bad for my two nieces.  They were both completley heart broken.  They have only had their kitty for a year.  Emma and I headed to the store and got them a nice card and bouquet of flowers and brought it to my nieces.  Emma was so sweet when she was writing out their card.  She has such a big heart. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  It's going to be beautiful here!!! =)

A visit to Cocoa Beach, Florida

While on vacation in Florida, we took a day trip to Cocoa Beach.  This place brings back so many memories for me.  Growing up we visited Cocoa Beach every year.  My grandmothers sister lived there with her family, so it was always so nice to visit them.  The last time we were in Cocoa Beach was on our honeymoon back in 2007.  We visited with my Great Aunt and had a wonderful visit.  It wasn't too long after our visit that she passed away.  I have always been so thankful that we made the time on our honeymoon to spend some time with her. 

So off to the beach we went!  Emma was soooo excited about going.  Our beaches here in Maine are COLD!  I honestly don't think I have ever been swimming in the ocean here in Maine because the water temp is bitterly cold even in the middle of summer.

If you look far out in this photo you can see the Space Shuttle launch pad =)

I loved our day at the beach!  We had such a great time playing in the water and sand.  And finding sea shells.  These are the memories that I will always remember =)
Hey All!  I have had like no time at all lately to blog.  Since we have been back home, and back to work and back to school it's been crazy.  We've been home 5 days now, and guess what?  Our suitcases are still packed.  I've been sooo lazy about getting it done.  I do have tomorrow off, so that's the plan for tomorrow.  Getting everything unpackaed and put back away.  The weather here has been sooo dreary and yucky.  I'm missing the Florida weather terribly.  My parents returned from Florida today.  They stayed a few days longer than we did.  We picked them up at the airport this afternoon, Emma was super happy to see them!  My mother was also really happy to be home.  My poor mom.  On like our 3rd or 4th day in Florida, she missed a step walking down the stairs and sprained her ankle.  Then towards the end of our trip she came down with a sinus infection and double ear infection.  She is one misserable lady right now.  I'm praying she gets better quick!

So i'm going to finish up my vacation photos now!  Prepare yourselves for photo overload!!!

Miss Emma and Daddy riding on the tram to the Magic Kingdom.  It's kind of a process getting into the park!  You park your car in a parking lot, hop on the tram for about a mile or so.  Then you have to jump on either a boat or the monorail and that takes you directly to the park!

I meant to post this photo right before the first one, but oh well!  Welcome to Walt Disney World.  The most magical place on earth!!! =)

We LOVE the Monorail in our family!  I wish the ride was a little bit longer.  It's a lot of fun riding it!

Riding the Tea Cups!  She loves this ride!  =)

Emma with my parents.  As she calls them, her Nana & BeeBee =)

Gettin' a little messy with an mickey ears ice cream bar!  These things are sooo good!

So here is when the photos might get a little confusing!  We did a total of 4 days at the Magic Kingdom.  So if you are looking at photos and we are all wearing different clothes, it's from a different day! haha

Emma is much braver than I am!  She went on this ride, Splash Mountian, twice!  She loved it!  That's her and Brian in the very last row.  You can't even see her at all! haha

This picture is from the day that Emma got really sick, and had a temp of 102.1.  You can tell just by looking in her eyes that she did not feel good.  As soon as we realized that she wasn't feeling well we immediately left Disney and went right back to our hotel.  As soon as we got into the van she fell right asleep.

And there she is fast asleep.  I felt so bad that she wasn't feeling well.  Thankfully the next day she was back to her normal self!

This was at Disneys Hollywood Studios

And she gets a BIG hug from Mickey.  We love Minnie & Mickey.  They make me and Brian feel like a little kid again! haha

She was looking so grown up in this photo!

Okay, so now for 2 things that are MUST try if you go to Disney!!

This is a Dole Whip.  They are so good!  It's pineapple softserve ice cream with pineapple juice.  Very good!

And these are waffle sandwiches.  Brians is the one with the sweet and spicy chicken and argula with it.  Mine was a waffle with nutella spread on it with fresh fruit.  Ahhhmaazing! 

This is my favorite view of the castle.  I love the water and everything about this.  If I could live in Florida I would in a heart beat!  =)

I suppose that is it for tonight.  I do have some beach pictures that I will post tomorrow!  I think I kinda over did the photo thing tonight!  =)