Let's Talk {Summer Plans}

Happy Monday! Today is Memorial Day, a day to remember those that gave their lives defending our country.  I hope you are all able to spend today with family and friends.

Today I am linking up with Andrea & Erika for Let's Talk =)

Today we are talking about Summer plans!!  I can tell you we honestly don't have a lot of summer plans this summer.  Usually we take a week off and go somewhere, but we are going to Florida in November/December so vacation time is being saved for that =)  But we won't have a boring summer by any means.  

I see a lot of pool days in our future...

And iced coffees by the pool...

A day or two or three trips to the ocean will definitely be in our plans as well...

I am also seeing lots and lots of days at the camp and the lake...

Basically we plan to spend lots of and lots of time outdoors.  Ice cream dates and movie dates will be in order as well. 

I hope you all have a great Monday!!


  1. That is about what our summer plans look like as well!! Lots of pool and lake time:)
    Hope you have a great day:)

  2. Lovely pictures and wishing you a great summer!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I have never been to Maine, but it looks so scenic and perfect. I hope you guys have a great summer. I can't wait to read about your adventures.

  4. A big YES to all of your summer plans!!! Pretty sure we would spend every day together if we lived in the same town!! :)

  5. We are outside all the time when it's nice. Once it starts getting too hot I switch it up and we have play dates indoors, visit local museums and try to stay cool. I am not a fan of hot!