Well Hello!  Happy Monday =)  I hope you all had a really great weekend!  My Monday post is the usual weekend recap.  We had a really really great weekend.  The weather is still absolutely crazy here.  One day it can be high 70's, and the next day it can be 40 degrees.  Hopefully soon it will make up it's mind and stay nice.  We can hope anyway =)  So let's recap.  

Friday.  Oh my gosh I can't even begin to tell you how cold it was!  Emma had a softball game Friday evening at 6pm, and it was miserably chilly and then it started to rain.  

I attempted to keep warm with a latte, and Alyx kept warm by eating some pizza at the ball field.

Thankfully my in-laws showed up around the 3rd inning and took Alyx home with them.  It ended shortly after 8, and it took a while to warm up again!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for yet another softball game.  This time it was beautiful and hot out!

They didn't win their game, but they played their hearts out and did well.  They have yet to win a softball game, so we are hoping they will soon ;)
After Emma's game my parents took us out to lunch to Olive Garden at Emma's request =)

Alyx had chicken fingers.  This kid won't eat any kind of pasta unless it's Kraft Mac & Cheese.  She's the pickiest eater I've ever seen.   So if she'll eat chicken fingers and fries at an Italian restaurant, I'm good with that!  We headed home after and I had planned on going to Walmart, and then I realized I had left my purse along with my wallet in my mom's car, and they live an hour away.  Thankfully they met me 1/2 way so I could get it =)  

Sunday morning we went with some friends to a local farm.  The kids had so much fun seeing the sheep and the cows, and of course horses!

We all went to a local pizza shop after for lunch and then we headed home for the rest of the day.  We haven't had a day where we stayed home and did absolutely nothing in so long.  It was much much needed!  The afternoon was cold and rainy so we stayed inside and watched the Red Sox game =)

Coffee, a blanket, and Red Sox.  Perfect afternoon!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great Monday!!!

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