What's up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday =)  I love these What's up Wednesday posts, so of course I'm linking up with Mel, Shaeffer and Shay today =)

What we are eating this week:

We have been grilling so much lately, and I love it!  It's easy and it makes for such an easy cleanup after dinner.  Our favorites that have been rotating through our house are Fruit/Veggie chicken kabobs, which are amazing!

Chicken, onions, peppers and pineapple.  I found a mango grilling sauce to marinade the chicken in and it's really good.  We've made these a lot.

Any extra grilled chicken and corn on the cob we have I turn into a homemade Chipotle bowl.  Simple and yummy!

What I'm reminiscing about:

Past 4th of Julys =)  Looking back at all my photos, I cannot believe how much my girls have grown.  I love the 4th of July and it's one of my very favorite Holidays.  

Emma had a friend ask her if she wanted to spend the 4th with her at her camp this year, and Emma said no.  When I asked her why she didn't want to she said she has to spend it with her family.  I thought that was cute.  I asked her what is going to happen when she is much older and married and her husband wants to spend the 4th with his family...her response was "that's ok, we can just go our separate ways on that day." haha  I died laughing!  The things kids come up with =)

What i'm loving:

You guys, I found this eye shadow primer and I am in LOVE.  

It's the Urban Decay primer, and it's pretty much amazing.  I received it as a sample in the mail and after using the sample, I went out and bought it.  It's amazing, and my eye shadow lasts all day when I use this.  You can find it HERE.

What we've been up to:

We've spent a lot of time outside!  The weather has been amazing, and we've been soaking up every single minute of it.

Swimming, The Zoo, The park, and Popsicle's outside =)

What I'm dreading...

Well, if we are being honest...this...

Ha!  We still have several months before this is actually reality again...but I'm still dreading it! ;)

What I'm working on: 

I'm working on still finding an old dresser/bureau to makeover for a new TV stand in our living room.  I think maybe i'm just being overly picky as to what I want.  We've been to several yard/garage sales and I haven't found anything that I am in love with yet.  But this is what I am hoping to do.

Not 100% like this, but similar!  I'm on the lookout!!

What I'm excited about:

I'm looking forward to the 4th of course, and getting some beach days in!!

What I'm watching:

Did you know that I am obsessed with Fixer Upper?!?  No? Ha!  If you have read my blog long enough, you know how much I love it.  Well, did you know the carpenter on the show, Clint, has his own show now!!  Yes!!

It's on DIY Network and the first episode was so good =)

What I'm reading:

This is really terrible...but not a single book at the moment.  Any recommendations??

What I'm listening to:

Pretty much anything on my fav station...

What I'm doing this weekend:

Working.  All weekend long.  38 hours in 3 days.  Sounds like a ton of fun doesn't it?!?  haha

What I'm looking forward to next month?

Well, the 4th of July of course.  Some beach days and a few day trips here and there.

What is your favorite July 4th tradition and/or recipe?

There isn't a particular 4th of July recipe that's become a tradition.  Spending time with our family back at my parents house has become our tradition.  In the 10 years Brian and I have been together, we have spent every one together at my parents.  It's fun to get together with my crazy family =)

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!  See you back here tomorrow =)

Park Time {Tuesday Talk}

Happy Tuesday Friends!!  Can you believe that in less than a week the 4th of July will be here?  It's crazy how fast it has come upon us.  We are certainly enjoying summer around here, and I'm not ready for it to come to an end at all. 

A lot of evenings the girls and I find ourselves a little on the bored side.  Especially when Brian is working overnights.  So usually we head off to the pool or the park.  Last night we headed to the park, and the girls ran and tired themselves out =)

The girls had fun, and some friends met us there, and Alyx definitely wore herself out with all the running and playing.  We are soaking up every single minute of summer time around here =)

Have a great Tuesday!  Linking up today with the ladies of Tuesday Talk.

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Hello Monday

Hello!  And Happy Monday =)  We seriously had the best weekend here!!  Link up your Monday post with me =)

We could not have asked for better weather this weekend.  It was amazing!  So Saturday we packed the car up bright and early and headed to southern Maine. We took the girls to the Maine Wildlife Park.  We had never been before, and it was great!  All the animals that are there are "maine" animals, and they were all found either injured or abandoned by their mother.  

Before we headed in we had to take pictures of course =)  The animals were amazing to see so up close.

An Albino deer was pretty neat to see for sure =)

The bears were really neat to see so close up.  The girls were able to feed them through a tube that catapulted the food to the ground.  They thought it was so cool =)

The mountain lions were beautiful, but they were being super lazy and they never got off their perch!  I wanted to see them run around! ha!

We took a little break and had popsicles =)

The moose were gigantic, and they too were lazy and just laying around.

We really had a great time, and it was fun to get away for a day.  We had an early dinner and then made the 3 hour drive home.  When we got home the girls played in the backyard and Brian and I enjoyed a camp fire and drinks. 

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.  And have a great Monday!!  See you back here tomorrow =)
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Life Lately

Happy Wednesday Friends!  We have had some some amazing weather around here and busy days.  So let's recap life lately a little =)

Emma is doing virtual summer school this summer.  Basically, she gets assignments on Monday morning from her teacher, and then she logs onto a website and she has a week to complete the assignments.  

She also has the option of going to the school during the morning/afternoon for a few hours and working on it.  She went yesterday for a couple of hours and got most of her work done.  And she had fun which is a plus =)

The first day of Summer we celebrated with Starbucks drinks and cake pops!

We also enjoyed an afternoon at the pool =)

And after the pool we had pizza for dinner out on our front porch.

Yesterday we went to a local restaurant for lobster rolls.  My parents came down and we were able to spend a late Father's Day with my dad. 

$5.00 lobster rolls! So so good!!

Emma bit into a lemon and her face was priceless! =)

That afternoon Emma, my mom and I went shopping.

We ended the afternoon with Starbucks...again =)

And last night, Brian and I went out for drinks and apps with a friend who was home from North Carolina.  It had been forever since we had seen him, so it was nice to get out for an evening.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!! 

Tuesday Talk {ipsy bag}

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  Today I am sharing with you my second ipsy bag. I get all excited when these bags come in the mail. =)

The bag is very colorful.  So colorful that when a certain 9 year old saw it she thought it was hers.  And I wasn't home to tell her it wasn't hers.  When I decided to take photos of it for this post, I couldn't find anything that was in the bag.  Hmmm.  The certain 9 year old that thought it was hers had the stuff in her dresser in her room.  And guess what?  One item that was in the bag is MIA.  Needless to say we chatted about asking before taking things ;)  So anyway...moving on.  Here is what was in this months ipsy bag.

So here is a brief description of everything.

I love Urban Decay eyeshadow.  And this is a great accent color =)

I received a gel liner last month as well and loved it, so I'm certain I will love this too!

I have never heard of Rodial stem cell cleansing cream, so I am anxious to see how this works. 

And lastly, because we couldn't find the lip gloss that I also got...

An oil hair treatment mask.  This is something that I am really anxious to use.  My hair is very dry because it's so curly. 

 So there you have my ipsy bag #2.  I am already anxious to see what my third bag will be =)  Have a great Tuesday!!  
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Hello Monday

Happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a great weekend =)  Although I worked all weekend (and worked wayyyyy more hours than I was suppose to) we made the best of it.  And we had fabulous weather!!  I think summer may seriously found it's way to Maine =)  

Link up and share your Monday post =)

Friday when I get out of work at 4pm, Emma was at the door to greet me because she was oh so excited I was home!  Okay, well maybe that's not entirely true, but she did greet me at the door and before I could even step into the house she was begging me to bring her to the pool.  I couldn't say no since the weather was amazingly beautiful.  So after working 12 hours, off to the pool we went.

We have waited entirely too long for these evenings!  I'm so glad to have summer back and spending time outside.  Alyx wasn't too into getting in the pool, but we will work on her =)

We spent a while there and Emma had the entire pool to herself.  She definitely enjoyed it!

Saturday my day started with an amazing sunrise from our backyard.

After getting out of work 14 hours later...the sunset was just as pretty.

It was a crazy busy weekend work-wise, 36 hours in 3 days, and needless to say I am still tired. haha  Thankfully I have the next couple of days off, and since Brian and I both worked on Sunday, we are pretending today is Father's Day =)  We don't have a lot planned, but bbq'ing this evening.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!!  See you back here tomorrow =)