Swimming & Bar Harbor!

So Emma has become a fish this summer!  We started her with swimming lessons this past spring and she did so well!  I was a little afraid because of a gap between her lessons and when summer arrived that she may forget some of the basics of swimming.  Boy was I wrong!!!  She remembered everything!  She was very timid about going underwater, but this past weekend something told her to just do it and she did!  She jumped off the ladder of my parents pool, went under and swam right back up!  I was super duper proud of her! =)

See!  Total fish, completely underwater! 

She came up from underwater at one point and it looked to me like her eyes were open.  I asked her when she swims underwater if she closes her eyes, and she said "Nope!  I need to see where i'm going!"  Totally made me laugh! =)

On Monday, Brian and I decided we wanted to take a day trip to Bar Harbor.  Beautiful town, but super busy this time of the year.  We decided to stop a little lobster pound for lobster....it was yummmy!!

They were serving Blueberry lemonade, and it was really good!

The two loves of my life =)

After lunch we took a drive up to the top of Cadillac Mountain.  If you have ever been there it is beautiful...however...if you have a fear of heights like I do, then the drive up could be interesting!! Brian laughed at me the entire drive up because I disliked it *very* much!  I really don't care to look out the window of the passenger seat and see a cliff that goes straight down.  But once at the top of the mountain it was beautiful and I was fine!! =) 

The clouds were below us and it was beautiful!!

My movie star =)

After we headed downtown Bar Harbor to do some shopping, but the crowds were huge!  We went into a couple of shops and then decided to start heading back and stop for ice-cream =)  The place we stopped for ice-cream had a tire swing that swung out over a little pond, and Emma loved it!!  I did stop at LL Bean and got Emma a new lunchbox for school =)

I'm back to work tomorrow night for 4 nights.  Ugghh.  I'm already ready for days off again!  I'm loving the summer weather with my family =)