Summer is almost done.  I'm sad about this, because i'm dreading winter coming along.  I love fall...but what follows fall is my least favorite!  On Tuesday we went to Camden for the day.  It's on the coast aka Ocean, and it's absolutely beautiful there.  Yeah, I think I could live there =)

We stopped first for lunch at a lobster place.  We had lobster and clams...sooo good!

I did bring my *real* camera with me, however my pictures came out horrible.  Shooting in manual mode...I still need tons of practice.  The sun was so bright and I just couldn't get things right.  Oh well!!

I love love love Camden Harbor.  It's so beautiful, like right out of a movie.  The downtown area has some really nice quaint stores. 

While we were there we had to have ice cream of course!

She shared some blueberry ice cream, and i'm pretty sure she LOVED it!! =)

We just have this weekend and Monday left of summer, and then Miss Emma is back to school on Tuesday.  And she is super excited!!!

Saturday Evening

Last night was just me and Alyx!  Emma went across the street to her friends birthday party, and stayed until almost 8:30 last night.  She had so much fun with her friends and making new friends. 

Miss Alyx and I hung out at home and played.  And of course had a tub in the sink.  She loves loves loves the water!

I'm pretty certain when we were done there was more water on the counter and on the floor then what was left in the sink!

Later in the evening we headed out for a walk, dressed in her pj's and all.


This kid loves her paci!  I can already see in the future that we may have an issue with taking it away.  We just went for a walk through the neighborhood.  She was so funny.  She was squealing whenever she saw an animal.  Dogs, cats, chipmunks and squirrels.  

Emma came home, dirty, tired and ready for bed!  She played hard but had a blast with friends!  Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

The ABC's of Johannah

So I've seen this around on blogs a bit and I came across one today, so I thought why not!  Let's try it.  So here it goes =)
A - Age: 32
B - Birthday Month: March
C- Color: Purple
D - Drink: Sweet Tea or Diet Coke

E - Eyes: Hazel
F - Flashback: Meeting Brian, getting engaged, and having our girls =)
G - Game: Boston Red Sox, all the way!!!

H - Hobby: Spending time with my girls
I - Indulgence: Oh my gosh!  Anything chocolate!  Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce by far the best!
J - Job: Police/Fire/EMS Dispatcher


K - Kiddos: Miss Emma, Age 7 and Miss Alyx, 9 months
L - Love: Spending time with Brian and the girls.  There is nothing better than family time to me!
M - Music: I'm a huge country music fan!  Love it!
N - Nation: US of A!!
O - Overstock: I currently have a huge stock of nailpolish
P - Pets: Our Dog Gunner, and 2 cats, Bubbles & Bella
Q - Quote: "A dream is a wish your heart makes" Cinderella

R - Residence: Old Town, Maine - Home of the Old Town Canoe

S - Siblings: Just little ole' Me!!
T - Temperature: Love fall temps, but I also love summer temps!
U - University: I did the whole community college thing
V - Vehicle: Chrysler Town & Country van.  I like to call it my swagger wagon! HA! =)
W - Want: I desperately want more space.  IE a new house!!
X - X:  ????  No idea!
Y - Yuck: Vomit!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Aries!