2015 {Favorites}

And just like that, 2015 has pretty much come and gone.  This year went by so crazy fast.  We had our ups and downs this year, just like anyone else, but overall we had an amazing year.  Today I am linking up with the ladies from Friday Favorites, Narci, Andrea & Erika, and sharing my Favorite Moments of 2015.

January brought us a lot of snow!  Like a ton.  Emma spent a lot of time outside playing in it!

Alyx went outside in it just a couple of times...just way too cold for her!!  As much as I really don't like the cold and snow, I love that Emma has so much fun playing in the snow. 

Emma got her ears pierced this year!  Way back in January.

Sadly, in June they got infected and we had to take them out.  She looked so cute with them in =)

One of our very FAVORITE moments of 2015 was our trip to Disney!  We drove from Maine to Florida, and we had an absolutely amazing time.  

In June it brought a few days at camp.  The girls always have so much fun playing in the lake there.

Well, Alyx isn't too fond of the lake, but she always had fun playing in the sand =)

July was a fabulous month!  The weather was great!!
The fourth of July we spent at my parents house.

We also took a trip the Ocean for a day.

And then there was August.  August I miss you.  Especially right now with all the snow and cold weather we have.

We pretty much spent every single night at the pool  I'm not lying when I say I cannot wait for these evenings again!!!

In September, we celebrated Emma's 9th Birthday, and it was all about Harry Potter!

In September Emma also started 4th Grade.  Crazy!!!

She is growing up just wayy wayy too fast!!

September and October we spent many many evenings and weekends at Field Hockey.

One of our favorite things we did this year was take a walk at the Bog Walk.  Both girls had fun!

October I took photos of the girls that will forever be my favorite of the girls I think.  

Halloween was fun with the girls this year.  Alyx wasn't too fond of dressing up, but she was a good sport ;)

In November, Alyx turned 2!!  We celebrated with a Doc McStuffins party!

And lastly, my most favorite moment of 2015 was just being with family.  We are healthy and I am thankful for that.  We had a really great 2015, and I'm excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.  I hope you all have a great Happy and Safe New Year!!!  See you in 2016!! =)

2015 {Tuesday Talk}

We are basically 3 days away from 2016.  I have a post all planned out for Thursday for a year in review, and after looking at all my photos from the past year, I cannot believe how much my girls have grown!  I am hoping that 2016 will be just as good to us as 2015 was/has been.  

I've found that this little blog of mine has been a space where I can write and share pictures and I hope that someday both of my girls will read this little ole' blog of mine and be thankful of how much of our life I have documented.  I don't just write for me, I write for my girls.  And all while doing this, I have created some friendships with some ladies that I never even imagined was possible.  These are all ladies that I have never even met, but some I talk to daily.  One of my very favorite linkups I came across this year is Tuesday Talk.  These ladies are great, and I have so enjoyed reading their blogs.  So many great ideas have come from reading their blogs, and I have also received some great advice from these ladies.  So today, I am linking up with them again for Tuesday Talk.  And I am so hoping that they continue this linkup in the coming year =)

Our pretty Little girls


Honestly, is there anything cuter than kiddos in matching pajamas?!?

With the size difference between the two girls it's getting harder and harder to find them to match, but my cousin found these and got them for the girls for Christmas!  I just love them!!

And guess who went back to the Northpole last night?  Yup you guessed it...

Patch is gone until next Christmas season.  Emma was beside herself upset.  And Alyx kept going around the house asking where Patch was, hehe.  They were both assured he would be back next November!!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday...we are bracing for a huge snow storm here in Maine.  Hopefully we don't get too snowed in!!

Our {2015} Christmas

Christmas is done and over with for another year.  Sigh.  As sad as I was/am to see it go, we really had a great day.  This year was much less hectic than it has been it years past.  Brian and Emma went to Mass at 4pm, and while they were gone my mom and I got our dinner ready.  We had a super super easy Christmas Eve meal this year.  We made a Lobster Stew and an Oyster Stew.  Earlier in the day I made some homemade rolls.  Everything was delish!  When Emma and Brian got home we ate, and then we decorated gingerbread cookies for Santa and his Reindeer of course =)

I cheated and bought a Gingerbread cookie kit at the grocery store.  It was easy, and the girls LOVED it! =)

Every Christmas Eve it's been a tradition since I was little, Mrs Claus brings Christmas Eve pajamas.  So of course that tradition has gone on every year with Emma and now Alyx as well.

This year Mrs Claus brought American Girl pajamas with matching pj's for the Doll and Bitty Baby!  

The girls got in their pj's, we took a couple of pictures and then it was off to bed!

The next morning I really hardly took any pictures at all.  I really wanted to be in the moment I guess and just sit back and watch the girls excitement as they opened their gifts.

Alyx got a lot of Doc McStuffins stuff.  She is really obsessed with Doc!

Emma was thrilled that she got the Aqua Beads that she asked for =)

After we opened gifts at our house, we went to my in laws for gifts and an amazing lunch of Prime Rib.  So so good!  I made a turkey for those that didn't like prime rib.  We had a really really great day.  
I hope you all had a great day as well!!!