Friday Favorites

I'm linking up again this Friday with Shay, Narci, Erika and Andrea for...


I LOVED coming home after dropping Emma off at school yesterday and seeing this when I walked into the living room...

Isn't that cute?!? =)


Her crazy smile cracks me up!  And she was wearing my favorite MJ outfit =)  I think we will be wearing this a lot since she is growing so fast!!


I came across this picture of Miss Emma from a couple of years ago when we were at Disney. We have 49 Days until we leave for our Disney trip!!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are!! =)


I shouldn't say this is really a Friday Favorite...however...I finally got into my doctor yesterday.  I have been having horrible horrible lower back pain.  To the point where it's not comfortable to either sit or stand.  It's my sciatic nerve, and i'm now on a couple of different meds and I have a referral to see a chiropractor.  Woohoo!  Hopefully now i'll get some relief! 


Future Police Officer??  Emma found Brians hat in the backseat of his car and she thought she should wear it =)


We tried out Alyx's new stroller at the mall yesterday.  I needed to walk around a bit because of my back issues, and it was a perfect time to see if she liked it.  By the look on her face it's clear she liked it!  She didn't want to get out!!

There are my Friday Favorites!  I think you should all link up now too =)

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday & The Voice

Good Morning Friends!!  It's Thursday, getting close to the weekend...and the sun is shining here this morning!  Woohoo!!  I almost forgot what the sun looks like =)  Yesterday was a crazy day around here!  We made national news when there was a 60 car pile up on the interstate.  Crazy stuff...and thankfully nobody in that entire crash was severely injured.  I was looking around on facebook last night at pictures that people posted of the accident, and it's a miracle that every person walked away from that crash.  Let's hope we are on the tail end of that kind of weather now!!

Yesterday was a super lazy day around here.  Brian brought Emma to school, and what should have been a 10 minute trip took them well over 30 minutes because of an accident.  Alyx and I hung out yesterday here at home, doing a whole lot of nothing.  Well, she did a whole lot of playing and I did a whole lot of cleaning.  It's so much easier to get their room picked up and cleaned out when Emma is at school =)  So our new thing is to stick Alyx in her crib with a bunch of toys of Emma's, and it keeps her entertained for quite a while!

We also took a nap.

I could stare at that little face for hours and hours =)

We had lunch.

Tuna sandwiches have become a hit around here =)
Did I also mention that we stayed in pj's all day??  Yup, all day.  Both me and her.

Emma went out for dinner last night for Pizza with my niece and brother in law.  So Brian and I ordered Thai Takeout.  So I did actually put some clothes on to run to pick it up.  

I had the chicken pad thai, which was so good!  Brian had Drunken Noodles, which I was a little skeptical off, but they were actually really good.  If you like spicy food that is =)

Last night I got all caught up on The Voice.  I think it's going to be a great season!!  Emma and I love watching it together, and we both have the same favorite so far =)

He's very Michael BublĂ©-ish.  And Emma and I love us some Michael BublĂ© =)

Have you been watching?  If so, do you have a favorite yet?  

This morning I *finally* took Alyx's new stroller out of the box.  The one we bought to bring to Florida with us.  The thing is amazing, and I think she is going to be really comfortable sitting in it.  It fully reclines, so perfect for naps at the park!  I put her in it this morning and she had a complete meltdown when I took her out.  She kept going into the kitchen and pointing at it and crying! haha  So we are taking a trip to the mall later this afternoon so she can "try" it out =)

Enjoy your day everyone!

Wednesday Snow

Happy Wednesday Friends!  It's snowing again here, imagine that right?  I can't get over the amount of snow we have this winter.  It's crazy!  I just went outside and took a picture looking out from our front porch.  The snow is half way up our tree now!

Craziness!  It's been a hard winter to keep up with it too.  And the ice that has come along with it?  Ugh.  

Brian got most of it off, but our poor front hedges have taken a beating from the ice this winter.  I have a feeling we will have to take them all down this spring.  

This morning Gunner was laying on the couch, and Alyx kept saying "Up Up".

They sure do love each other!! =)

So backing up a few days ago.  We finally brought Alyx outside to "play" in the snow.  She didn't really care for it too much.  We pulled her around in the sled and then she got up on the snowbank with Emma.  Needless to say she was happy to get back inside after=)

Emma loves playing in the snow.  Like seriously loves it!  She always comes in after and asks for Hot Cocoa with fluff.  

That's it for today!  I think we are going to be snowed in today until it's time to get Miss Emma from school =)

Short Tuesday

Have you ever had one of those afternoons where everything seems to be going pretty good??

I had just picked this little munchkin up from daycare.  She was in a great mood!  She was smiling and laughing.  Saying every word she knows....and then....out of nowhere she vomitted, everywhere!  I pulled over to make sure she was ok, and then called Brian to tell him to meet me outside when I pulled into the driveway.  What a mess!!  She was covered, the carseat was covered, and I was covered.  Yuck!  But it must have been some sort of fluke thing because she's been fine ever since.  Thank god!!!  =)

So there you have it.  Very short post for today!  Not much else to blog about for today =)
Happy Tuesday Friends!

It'sssss Monday!

Happy Monday all!  The weekend went by all too quickly, but we had such a great weekend off!

Friday evening we took Emma out to dinner, and then Brian had to work that night.  Saturday morning the girls and I went shopping. I found some really great deals at my favorite store..Target =)  Emma has decided as of recent that she would like a bird.  I really despise birds. I think it's their feet that freak me out. Haha  Anyway...while at Target Emma found a bird.  And not a real one, so I was good with that!!

It chirps & moves but doesn't fly.  And it doesn't have those creepy bird feet.  Perfect pet! ha!
Later that afternoon Emma went bowling with a friend of hers and had a blast!

I look creepy bleeched out in this photo! haha

My brother in law and sister in law watched the girls Saturday evening so Brian and I could go to the movies.  Brian wanted to see American Sniper...and well so do I.  But I have been waiting and waiting for this....

Yes, I dragged my husband along with me to it.  Was it good?  Yes!  I read all the books when they first came out, so I have been waiting for the movie to come out.  And i'll tell you, Brian wasn't the only guy there.  It was mostly couples that went together.  So he didn't feel so odd there. haha

If you read the books and liked them, then I suggest seeing the movie =)

We stopped at the grocery store after, and guess what I found?!?

Yes, Please!! =) 

Sunday morning Brian let me sleep in until 8! Alyx woke up at 6, so he got up with her.  It was nice to actually sleep in for a bit.  We did a few things around the house and then we headed into town to try Chipotle for lunch!  It finally opened and I was really anxious to try it. so so good! 
And Alyx?  Well, she loved it!

She loved the guacamole!  Seriously loved it!!

The rest of the day was spent at home doing a whole lot of nothing.  Days like that are sometimes really nice. 
And now the weekend is over.  And back to work. 
Enjoy your Monday all!! =)

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up for the first time with Shay, Narci, Andrea & Erika!  One of my favorite blogs ever to read is Shay's.  She and her adorable family just went through the adoption process, of adopting a little girl from China.  Her journey through the entire adoption process is a must read for everyone!  It's inspiring, and their new addition is one lucky girl to have a family love her as much as the Shulls!

I love that today is FRIDAY, and I don't have to set this alarm again until Monday morning!!  Here's to sleeping in a bit longer this weekend =)

We FINALLY got a second carseat for Alyx.  No more taking the other in and taking it out.  If you're a mom, then you know how much of a pain that can be!

These pictures I found on facebook this week, and I laugh at them everytime I look at them!


Emma spent a few days at my parents house, and she was terribly homesick...all because she missed Alyx.  Thank god for Facetime, Emma & Alyx were able to talk and that made Emma happy =)


I'm very very excited about this frying pan!  This was my grandmothers, and it's over 100 years old.  When she moved out of her apartment into the nursing home she gave it to me.  I can recall her making me swedish pancakes on this frying pan every single visit I made with her.  I'm more than excited to have been given this from her.


Emma wanted curly hair for today.  So we braided her hair last night, and well, she got curly hair this morning!

That's all for today friends!  Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday and a Great Weekend!!