Friday Favorites

Linking up with the some pretty fabulous bloggers today...Andrea, Narci & Erika!  It's Friday Favorites =)

I'm doing things a little different this week.  Rather than tell you about all kinds of favorites from this week, i'm going to recap a daytrip we took this week!

One of the best things about living in Maine is visiting the coastal towns.  I would love to live right on the ocean!
We took a day trip to the Camden area.  We first stopped at had lobster right on the ocean.  It's a
 beautiful area, and the food was delish!

Brian chose the twin lobster dinner, and I opted for the easy way out with the lobster roll/sandwich.  Mine was much easier to eat ;)

I've been coming to this certain lobster pound since I was just little. 

Tons and tons of uncooked lobster!

Alyx wanted to just jump right into the ocean! HA! 

This was our view at lunch.  Not too shabby huh?

After we finished lunch we headed to Camden Hills State Park, to drive up Mt Battie.  It's not a huge mountain by any means, but the views at the top are beautiful.

Poor Alyx isn't hardly in any of our pictures up here because she had literally just fallen asleep.

Just as we were getting ready to head out, Alyx woke up, and she kinda woke up a bit grumpy, hehe.  So we headed for ice cream to cool off from the heat.

This Sweet Frog was HUGE!  Emma kept saying she wished our was as big as this one =)

We really had a great day.  Daytrips are one of our favorite things to do in the summer!

I hope everyone has a great Friday...and Weekend!!


We are sooo close to the weekend!  And my weekend to work, and the weather is suppose to be really nice, and then rain on my days off.  It's always the way it works isn't it?!? 
Does your morning start with coffee everyday?  Mine does!  I'm totally addicted to it.  Like really really bad. 
Yesterday my in-laws took Emma and my niece Haley to the zoo!  Emma was sooo excited!  I stole a couple of my mother in laws photos from facebook to show you.
They saw all kinds of different animals.  From Deer, Black Bears, Lions, Tigers, Panthers, different kinds of monkeys, Kangaroos...yes Kangaroos!  And out of all of these exotic animals they saw I couldn't wait to hear what Emma's favorite was.  So I asked her, and you know what she says?  The Goats were her favorite.  I'm like, Goats?!?!  LOL  Apparently they had just had baby goats and she loved them.  But I think the kangaroos would have been my favorite =)  They had a lot of fun yesterday.
After they got back home, Brian and I took the girls to the pool.  It was sooo hot here yesterday.
Emma was excited to see one of her friends there =)
I think this was Alyx's favorite part...the popsicle!
After the pool we ordered a pizza from our favorite local pizza place =)
This is Brian's favorite toppings, Bacon &'s actually pretty good!
Have a great Thursday everyone!! =)

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Today I am linking up with some of my favorite bloggers!  Shay, Mel & Sheaffer, for...
And today we are answering these questions =)
So let's get started!
1.  What we're eating this week......
BBQ.  It's summertime and the weather has been pretty great, so we try and grill out as much as possible!  I'm thinking probably some BBQ shrimp tonight with some summer salads.
And one of our favorite things lately to make are homemade chipotle bowls.  They are seriously so good, and really easy to bring to work for a meal.  We also will probably be bbq'ing these chicken kabobs lately...
We put a pineapple, honey glaze on them and they are delish!
2. What i'm reminiscing about...
I want to go back like yesterday! Haha  Next year though =)
3.  What i'm Loving...
Everything about summer!  We are trying to soak up every minute of it.  We all know summers in Maine are way too short.
4.  What we have been up to...
A lot of pool time! 
5.  What i'm dreading...
Summer coming to an end =(  I love fall, however fall turns into winter.  And winter here in Maine can just be horrible.  So I would like summer to stick around for a bit longer ;)
6.  What i'm working on...
I don't have any pictures to show, but i'm working on making our front porch more "inviting".  It's a much better sitting area now, especially in the mornings with a nice cup of coffee =)
7.  What i'm excited about...
Brian and I have a couple of days off together soon and taking the girls out of town for a day or two and doing some shopping!
8.  What i'm watching/reading...
I'm not reading anything right now, however I am watching quite a bit of stuff on tv!  The Bachelorette just finished, and i'm happy with her choice =)  Also, I have once again started watching "Little People, Big World".  I'm sad that they have decided to divorce, but i'm hoping they will both be happier. 
9.  What i'm listening to...
If we are talking right now, then that would be the sound of "Barney".  Ohhh both of my girls have had a love for Barney!
10.  What i'm wearing...
I'm so not photo documenting this because it's sweatpants and a t-shirt! HA!  But most of the time it's shorts and shirt!
11.  What i'm doing this weekend...
Working.  Ugh.  Oh well, i'll have the following weekend off.  I keep telling Brian someday i'll have a M-F job! =)
12.  What i'm looking forward to next month...
School shopping for Emma.  Although she has become soooo picky so I may regret looking forward to this.  And just soaking up every last bit of summer.  And I will be getting ready for Emma's 9th Birthday party!  WOW!!!
And what I will miss most about Summer...
Sleeping in, late nights, outside BBQ's, swimming, the girls playing in the driveway with chalk...Oh this list could go on and on. 
So there's my What's Up Wednesday!  Join in on the linkup!!

Florida Trip {long over due post}

This has been a very long overdue post!  So who remembers back in April, my family took a trip to Disney?!?  Yes, wayyy back in April!  I have never done a post about it, so I thought today I would.  I'm not going to go day by day, because well, that was a long time ago and we were gone for quite a while =)

So if you remember correctly we drove from Maine to Florida.  I was really quite nervous about it.  Not the drive, just how the girls would do.  Mostly Alyx if we are being honest.  We left our house around 5am and headed out!

So remember I said I was nervous as to how Alyx would do?  Well, we were only about 1 1/2 hours from home and she started screaming.  I mean screaming.  And then that led to me crying because I couldn't picture being in a car for 3 days if this is how she was going to be.  Well that screaming lasted maybe 10 minutes, possibly 15 minutes.  The rest of the trip...on the way down and on the way back she honestly never made a single peep!!!  Thank goodness!!  

We traveled through several states, and I always tried to get a picture of the States welcome sign as we drove by.  I did miss a couple though.

Our first night we stopped in Pennsylvania and stayed the night.  And the next morning we headed out again!  The second night we stopped in South Carolina.  And then the 3rd and final day we headed for Florida!!  The first few nights we were in Florida we stayed in a hotel in Orlando, and then we went to our condo.  The condo was amazing!!  We basically went online and looked about 100 different timeshares and we finally decided on The Sheraton Vistana Resort.  I would not even begin to hesitate to stay there again.  The resort was beautiful!

My parents were with us, and they stayed in the room that had the 2 double beds, and Brian and I got the master.  My parents had their own bathroom too which was nice.  Emma loved the jacuzzi tub in the master =)  We also had a balcony which overlooked a pond with a fountain.  And we were on the ground level which was nice.  

So here are some random pictures from our trip =)

Alyx was not a huge fan of the characters at the park!  Maybe next time =)  But she did develop a HUGE love for Donald the Duck while we were there.  And she still carries her "donald" around with her every where we go!

We chose to only do one "character" meal while we were there.  We did breakfast at 1900 Park Fare, which is located the Grand Floridian Resort.  It was sooo beautiful and the food was great.  The characters were Alice in Wonderland along with the Mad Hatter.

The cold Strawberry Soup was seriously to die for!  And the Mad Hatter was hysterical!  Emma loved, it and well Alyx, she didn't know quite what to think.  

Alyx's godmother, Tia, moved to Florida almost a year ago and she was able to come and stay with us for a couple of days.  It was sooo nice to see her!

We went to Celebration, and the girls LOVED the splash pad there!  Especially Alyx =)

Emma loved meeting all the characters at the parks we went to!

We spent a ton of time swimming while we were there too!  The pools at our resort were soooo nice!

So there is a little recap of our trip.  I wanted to document it a bit so we would always remember!  Now when are we going back?!?!  Next year =)