Friday Favorites

It's Fridayyyy!  Time to link up again with Erika, Andrea & Narci!

Can I just tell you the bond that Alyx and our dog Gunner share is unlike any other.  Don't get me wrong, Gunner loves Emma, but there is just something about Alyx.  He is so funny with her!

She was balancing a bottle cap on top of his head!  She thought this was the funniest thing ever!  And he just sat there looking at her. haha =)  They crack me up!

Tuesday was celebrated my Birthday! =)  Yay for getting older! lol

It started off with free coffee from D&D.  Can't go wrong with that!

And then can I just say my co-workers are awesome!  I had to come into work for a meeting on my birthday and they surprised me with pizza (buffalo chicken pizza at that) and cake!  Actually I should say, cakes.  As in plural. =)

They were pretty awesome!! 

My parents came down to have dinner with us on Tuesday.  We went to Chilis. So good!

Started with Margaritas of course!

I love this outfit.  Brian hated it.  He thinks Alyx looks like a boy wearing it, and thinks she should be teleported back to the 70's. LOL  

Waiting for Emma to get out of school!

After school yesterday we took Emma to see Cinderella.  If you have not yet seen it...GO!  It is sooo sooo good!

This was right before Brian and I spilled almost the entire bag of our popcorn.  Whooops!!

I hope everyone has a great Friday/Weekend!  It my weekend to work, but we'll make the best of it!!

And one last thing.  One of my favorite bloggers posted this Mother's Day Exchange that she and a couple of other bloggers have put together!

If you are a mom, then you should definitely sign up!  I'm definately excited about it!!

Happy Weekend!!

Weekend Recap

Ohhh weekend, where did you go?  Here we are Monday morning.  Weekends go by way way too fast.  We had a great one though!  

Saturday morning Emma and I made our Disney countdown.  I've been meaning to do this for *weeks* now, but we just never got around to it.  We will definately be keeping this forever now to use for our Disney trip countdown!

Emma made one for my parents to keep at their house too =)

Alyx is in love with our dog.  Constantly hugging him, poking him, tugging on him.  Basically just annoying him.  And he just goes with the flow and lets her do it.

He is just the most easy going dog ever.  As you can see! ha!

And, I have to talk about Alyx's outfit.  I'm in love.  I really really need to find this exact outfit in a larger size because it's not going to fit forever.

I bought it used off a Matilda Jane board on Facebook.  From the dress to the leggings to the shoes.  I love it!  Emma said she would actually love to have this same dress, but I have yet been able to find her size.

Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents for the day/night.  We celebrated my aunts birthday and then went out to dinner.  Alyx was exhausted Saturday night and it took nothing for her to fall asleep.  She ended up sleeping for 13 hours! 

Sunday we headed home fairly early because Emma had softball that afternoon.

I was taking a picture of Emma with our countdown and Alyx came walking into the picture with her banana.  She had to smile too!  And, can I just tell you how much Alyx hates to have her bananas cut up for her now?  She has to be a big girl and eat them like Emma.  Ohh she's a feisty one!

Emma had crazy static hair!

Hanging out with the other Emma before Softball.  I was really looking forward to watching Emma play softball.  However that was short lived, because Brian is helping to coach, and Alyx had a fit because she wanted "Daddy".  So she began to cry and scream for him while he was trying to coach, so needless to say we had to leave =(  Next week I may find a sitter for an hour or two so I can go watch! haha

We ended the afternoon with a trip to SweetFrog with the girls.  

They are too cute.  And such great friends!!

Happy Monday Friends!!

Friday Favorites

Linking up again today for Friday Favorites.  Definitely my favorite link up!

Linking up with Narci, Erika & Andrea!

It's the 1st day of Spring!!  Now maybe, just maybe we will start to see some spring weather around here! HA! =)

Thursday night Kids Night at a local restaurant.  Usually they do some really fun craft...last night they just painted a paper plate.  ??  Not sure the point, but Emma had fun anyway.  Plus there was a guy doing balloon animals.  She asked for a cat with a tail!

Since Emma is so obsessed with Harry Potter lately, last night we decided to try a homemade version of "Butterbeer"

And it was oohhh soo good!  Even Alyx enjoyed licking the spatula!

If you want the recipe you can go to:

This one is a tough one, because all though I'm a tad bit upset about it, I think it worked out in the end.  Since we are going to be at Disney for well over a week, we have to stay at a hotel a few days before we are able to check in at our condo.  Well, the day that I made the reservations for our character breakfast at the Tusker House just so happens to be the same day we move from the hotel to the condo.  Insert sad face here =(.  There just wouldn't be enough time for us that day since the restaurant is at a Disney park and all.  Soooo, I cancelled those reservations and made reservations at....

=)  We're going to the Grand Floridian for the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast!  I'm pretty sure Emma will love it.  =)  And Alyx too, of course!

It's Friday!!  And it also means its my weekend off!!! 

HA!  Love this ecard!!

Happy Friday and Weekend all!!
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What's Up Wednesday

I'm going to try something different this Wednesday...

Just a bunch of random stuff today!  Feel free to grab the pic and join in! =)

Friday Alyx was miserable at daycare.  And let me tell you, I have the best daycare in the world.  She kept her all day even though she wasn't feeling well, so that I wouldn't have to leave work.  Alyx loves her daycare so I knew she was in good hands with her while she wasn't feeling well.  After work Brian and I took her into walk in care.  She wasn't happy as you can see below.

 And she has yet again another double ear infection.  She's on med and on the mend now!

Spring training for baseball has started!!!  We're a bit excited since we are HUGE Red Sox fans!  

Speaking of baseball...Emma started Softball on Sunday!  She's doing a softball clinic and then tonight we are signing her up for the ASA softball league.  I think she is going to love it.  And she is pretty excited about it.

 Just a random picture of me and my oldest girl =)

That's the look of exhaustion from me.  Haha

Alyx was sitting in Emma's chair picking our her spring wardrobe =)

30 days.  Sigh.  We got more snow last night, and it seems be be never ending.  I just need to get through the next 30 days and we'll be on vaction!

This girl.  I love headbands on her, and she despises them.  Hates them.  If she will keep it on for 5 minutes it would surprise me. 

This is what I found when I cleaned Brians car the other day.  I can never find a pacifier, and I always say "Hey Brian do you know where Alyx's paci is?" His response, "No idea".  Well, I found them.  In his car.  LOL =)

A little St Patricks day fun for Emma!

Alyx was so excited to pick Emma up from school yesterday, but she just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.  Sleeping baby pics are my favorite!

And to celebrate St Patricks Day...A shamrock shake from McDonalds.  Emma loves these!!

So what's up Wednesday with all of you??