The last couple of days

I survived turning 30!!!!  I guess it's really not that bad after all =)  Tomorrow is my husbands 30th birthday as well!  Isn't it strange that our birthdays are only 4 days apart!  Crazy! 

This is about how my week has gone so far...

Emma laying on the couch sleeping, with her "bucket" next to her.  Poor thing.  Monday she was feeling a lot better.  I kept her out of school just incase.  She was fine, no throwing up that afternoon or evening.  Around 4:00 on Tuesday morning she woke up vomitting again!  So Tuesday I kept her out of school as well.  She went back today and has been fine since.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So as I said, tomorrow is my husbands birthday.  And i have noooo idea at all what to get him.  I am just completely stumped.  I'm usually pretty good at picking out gifts for him, but I don't know what it is about this one, I can't think of anything.  Does anyone have any ideas they can throw out there for me?? =)

We are going to be celebrating both of our birthdays this Saturday with family at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  Super excited!! =)

Emma went to bed kinda late tonight.  I had taped the new show on Disney Jr for her "Doc McStuffins" and she really wanted to watch it.  We watched it together and it's actually really cute!  I recommend it it to you all for your kids! 

I found these new wonderful things at the grocery store today:

Almond Joy coffee creamers!  They are simply amazing!!!  I got the single serve ones so that I could bring them to work with me, and they don't have to be refigerated!  If you like almond joys and coffee, then these are a must to try! 

Sorry for no photos really again.  Since I have a household of sick people, we really haven't done anything lately.  Hopefully this weekend that will change! =)

Sick Days,,,

What a winter we've had in our family with being sick.  I tell ya what, it's been horrible!  As you know from my last post my husband got extremely sick with the flu.  He is now on day 4 and still isn't feeling 100%.  Yesterday, which was my birthday, Emma came down with it.  Horrriibbbblle!  She wasn't acting herself and *asked* to go to bed.  This child never asks to go to bed!  I had to work last night, so I felt terrible that my hubby who was sick also had to take care of our daughter who was sick.  Both of them were vomiting.  I feel so bad for both of them.  I kept Emma home from school today so she could rest and get better.  Brian was feeling a little better today, no more vomiting for either of them today!  YAY!!!  And knock on wood, I still haven't got it.  Tomorrow is my day off and I plan to Lysol my entire house and wash all the sheets, blankets and pillows.  And have every window open in the house while doing so! haha =) 

As of today we have 29 days until we leave for Disney!  We are soooo excited!  We are going to be taking Emma to the Bippity Boppity Boutique while we are there.  If you haven't heard of it, it's Disneys version of a hair and makeup salon for kids. They dress like their favorite Disney princess and then go and get all dolled up.  Disney sells the princess dresses for about $50.00.  I refuse to spend that much money on a dress up dress.  If it is a dress that she could wear all the time, I would pay it.  Plus, with dress up dresses Emma tends to complain that they are itchy and hot.  And I don't think in the heat and humidity of Florida Emma would be comfortable in it.  Sooo I have been on the lookout for a dress that looks similar to Emma's favorite princess Belle.  And I found it!!!!  It came in the mail today and I love it.  Here is a picture of it.

I am absolutely in LOVE with it!  I know that it doesn't look exactly like Belle's dress.  But it's pretty darn close!  Plus, it's cotton so it's going to be cool and comfortable!  I just think it's adorable=)  I have ordered another dress from the place that I got this one before.  They are custom made just for you.  I paid $48.00 for this dress.  Which I really don't think is too bad.  Considering this can be worn really whenever.  It's not just a costume dress.  I ordered Emma's Halloween costume from this same lady. She was Jessie from Toy Story. Here is the picture of that dress =)

You should definitely check out her etsy store.  Her children's dresses and aprons that she makes are so cute! 
Here is the link to her store:

I have officially finished packing Emma's suitcase for our trip.  I haven't even started mine or my husbands.  Soon enough though!

I'm also kind of stressing out that I haven't done any Easter shopping yet!  Usually by this time I am completely done.  I really need to get on the ball and just get it done.  I foresee the Easter bunny may be leaving Miss Emma a new bicycle. =)

I hope everyone enjoys their day and evening! =)

15 minutes to go....

UGHHH, that's how I feel right now.  Haha  Only 15 minutes to go and I am officially out of my 20's!  I'm really not sure how I feel about turning 30.  I have never had a problem with any birthdays, but this one is different to me.  But I guess it's all what you make of it.  I'm determined to make it a good one!!! =) 

No pictures or anything tonight.  Emma is at my parents house for the weekend, and will be back in the morning.  The hubby has been home sick all weekend with the yucky flu (that i'm praying I don't catch.).  And I have been working this weekend. 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!! =)

The Farm and Park

We have a little farm here in our town that is run by the University of Maine.  It is great because you can go and visit anytime you want.  We have brought Emma there since she was born.  In the summers we go a lot.  She loves her farm animals.  Especially cows & horses!  So after picking her up from school we headed to the farm!

Here are some pictures from our day!

Just got out of bed and eating a bowl of cereal.  She was definately a major grumpy pants this morning!  But I still love her! =)

Getting ready to head to school!!!

Whenever we take the dog with us somewhere and if Emma isn't with us, he has to sit in her carseat!  Crazy dog!


This is the result of a cow sneezing on Emma!  Sooo yucky!  But she took it well! =)

After the farm we headed over to the park so Emma could play for a bit.  First time at the park this year!!!!  The weather here was again 85 degrees.  But that is soon to change tomorrow, forcast is saying it's suppose to be chilly!


It was fun to go to the park today.  After being inside all winter long, getting outside is a really big deal! 

The next picture is pretty special to me.  Every year when we take Emma to the farm I take a photo of her and my husband together in the exact same spot.  It's kinda like a growth chart I guess you could say.  Unfortunately I missed a year, but that's ok.  It's still pretty cute! =)

I think I need to frame this picture! =)

Well since it is almost midnight here, I should proabably be going to bed.  Getting up at 6:30 to bring Miss Emma to school.  I forsee a nap in my future tomorrow =)


Is this weather for real?!?!

This weather we are getting is just unbelievable.  Usually this time of the year we still have tons of snow.  The snow is completely gone and it was 85 degrees here today!  I am loving it!!!  Emma asked to wear shorts to school today, however I didn't let her.  This morning was pretty cold and I didn't want her to freeze.  But by the time I picked her up at school at 2:20 she was hot and ready to get home and into shorts! 

My mom came down today to visit for the afternoon.  She lives about an hour north of us.  Can you guess what we did this morning/afternoon?  Went car shopping again.  Today I test drove the Kia Sorrento.  It's a really nice suv, had everything I wanted.  However....the seats were kinda rock hard.  Not comfortable at all.  That's kind of a big deal in a car right?  You have to be comfortable.  So after that I really wanted to test drive the new Ford Edge.  They are soooo nice.  I found one that had a lot of the things I wanted in a car and we took it for a ride.  I. Am. In. LOVE!!!  And the best part?  So was my husband!  YAY!!  It drives and rides so nice.  The seats are comfy and it is really spacious and roomy.  I love.  =)  Tomorrow we are heading to another dealership to look at another one.  So excited!  But.  Yes, there is a but.  We are currently in the middle of refinancing our house.  We had our appraisal yesterday.  My fingers are crossed, my toes are crossed anything that I can cross are crossed.  Our appraisal has to come in at a certain amount in order for us to do this.  So as long as that goes well, then when we come back from Florida, then i'll be buying my Ford Edge =)

When Emma got out of school my mom wanted to take us out for a late lunch/early dinner.  She met us at our house and Emma wanted to ride with her.  I wonder why?

Yeah.  That's why.  My mom had her mustang out today because of the nice weather.  Emma insisted she ride with Nana so the wind could blow in her hair.  Jealous.  My nana didn't have a mustang when I was little.  My nana had an old lady mobile of sorts.  I think my mom may be going through a mid life crisis?  She said this was her retirement present to herself.  I'm happy for her though, she loves it.  And well so do I =)

Happy Girl =)

Check out this cupcake that Emma got while we were out to eat.

Crazy frosting!  I had a little bite of the cake part and it was yummy!  Well that's all the pictures I took for today.  Tomorrow we go and look at the other Edge, and I can't wait! =)  Hope everyone enjoyed their day! =)

St Patricks Day!

We had a really good St Patricks Day this year!  Brian and I were both off from work and we went to camp for the night with Emma and a few of our friends. 

Friday Emma had school and they all dressed in green!  I got Emma a t-shirt last year from Old Navy and it still fit her this year!  So she wore that.  I always make something little for her teacher on special holidays or days like St Patricks Day.  I wasn't sure what to make for St Patricks Days, but I came across this really cool idea over at Life {Sweet} Life  Sarah has the cutest ideas and this is where I got the idea for Emma's teacher.  You have to check her out!  I definately have to thank her for posting the idea and also for the free printable tags!  Thanks Sarah! =)

Emma's teacher really liked it a lot too! =)

So Saturday afternoon we headed out to camp!  We went with a couple of friends, and the weather was really quite nice.  Nice enough that we didn't need jackets!  Emma always has so much fun when we are out there.  It's such a nice camp, just like a house except no running water.  Thankfully there is a generator so we have electricity! 

Emma and I had the same shirts! =)  My face looks totally weird in this photo! haha

My Hubby.  I love him.  =)  UMaine Hockey played last night against Boston College for the Hockey East title and sadly they lost 4-1.  But their season isn't quite over yet, now they are off to the NCAA championship in the next few days! =)


Can you tell that Emma and Gunner are like best friends!  They get along and love each other so much!

Saturday night we had a bon fire outside.  It was great.  Being outside at night in March here in Maine is kinda a big deal!  Usually it is bitterly cold, but it wasn't at all last night!  It was fantastic!

We also found something out there that kept Emma entertained for quite some time!  Check it out:

The original Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo!  She had a blast playing it!  The nintendo was my husbad and his brothers growing up!  It was such a flash back for us! =)

The weather here in Maine today was Unbelievable!!!!!  In the morning it was a little rainy, but as soon as we left camp and came home around 10:00 am, it was about 67 degrees out and all sun!  By 1:00 this afternoon it was 75 degrees.  This is soooo rare for March in Maine!  All the snow is GONE!!!!  The rest of the week is suppose to be goregous as well.  =)

So in my last post I mentioned that Emma saved her money to buy something.  I was going to wait until I took some pictures of her with it, but I haven't done that yet.  If you know Emma, then you know she is obsessed with American Girl dolls.  She has 2 of them.  And she saved her money to buy the one that she really really wanted.  I'm proud of her for saving that much money!  It finally came in the mail and she was sooo excited.  She loves her dolls! =)  And this one is quite cute too! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  It went by quick.  I work Monday & Tuesday night then i'm off for 3 days!! =) 


A post with no photos! (oh wait, a couple!)

I'm not sure why I have been slacking in this department lately.  BUT that is about to change!  I start my online photography class tomorrow and I am soooooo excited!!!  I'm really anxious to see what she is going to have us do and teach us.  It should be lots of fun! 

I have had the last 2 days off.  I feel like I got absolutely nothing accomplished at all around the house! haha  Yesterday we dropped Emma off at school at 8:00 and then went straight to Bangor to get a few things.  On the way there I batted my eyelashes and asked to stop at a car dealership just to look!  I always said that I would never get a Kia, i'm not sure why though.  I went and looked at the new Kia Sorrento, and i'm kinda in love with it!  It really has everything I am looking for and the price is great.  From there we went to the Honda dealership.  I saw some I liked, but wasn't in love with them.  Then on to the GMC dealership.  Love the Acadia, but a little out of my price range, unless I get a used one.  My mom has an Acadia, and i'm pretty sure she would sell me hers if I asked! haha  We also looked at the GMC Terrain.  Nice, but really low to the ground and absolutely no stinkin leg room in the backseat.  Thennn onto the Ford Dealership.  Ford Edge.  Sighhh.  I have drooled over these since 2009.  However...for a brand new with everything I want in it, is about $42,000.  Nooo way will I pay that much for a car!  So we will keep looking.  I don't want to buy anything anyway until the snow is gone for sure.

After car shopping we ran a few more errands.  Got a steal on some dog food, which made me happy! =)  And then we picked Emma up from school.  Brian came home and wanted to take a nap, and I took Emma to get her hair cut!  I was really quite nervous about this.  Her hair is really really really long.  She has only had 2 trims prior to this.  And this time I wanted at least 5 or 6 inches taken off.  She was really excited though.  I had my camera right in my purse of course, but for whatever reason I took the photos on my phone, so the quality of these isn't good at all. 

Here she is just before the cut!  Not looking at the camera, but oh well =)

And here is the after pic.  I should have taken a before picture.  But yeah....I didn't.  Haha

They did such a great job!!  They took about 5 inches off, then curled it and braided the front of it.  She looked so darn cute!  I wish I had got a photo of the front!   And check out her natural highlights.  Jealous.  I pay big money for that for me! =)

That night we were completely pooped out.  We were all in bed and asleep by 8:00!  We all had a really good nights sleep for a change. 

Today we did grocery shopping, went to the bank to talk about refinancing our house and a couple of other things.  For dinner tonight I was too tired to even think about cooking a big meal, so Emma and I had mac & cheese.  Quick and easy! 

Tomorrow night and Friday night I work.  Then i'm off for the entire weekend!  I really love my new schedule this year at work.  Every other weekend off is awesome!!  Last year I would go 3 months without having a single weekend off.  Terrible terrible schedule.  We plan on going to camp Saturday night with a couple of friends to spend the night.  Emma loves it out there and so does the puppy.  So it should be lots of fun! 

Tomorrow I will have to post photos of Emma's new toy.  She saved and saved and saved for something that she wanted.  She finally saved $110 of her very own money so she bought it.  That will be a post for tomorrow!  Goodnight!!! =)

Early Morning

Emma went to bed last night at 7:30 and woke up at 5:00 am.  This is soooo rare for her.  She usually doesn't want to get up at all in the mornings!  But I think she was really really excited for her playdate this afternoon.  It was her first time going to her friend Allie's house. 

Since she got up super early Brian and I decided to take her out for breakfast.  We went to a restaurant here in town.  She told us in the car that she really wanted a mickey mouse pancake.  So when we ordered the told our waitress that same thing.  They don't have mickey pancakes on the menu, but the waitress said she would make it happen!

I think they did a really good job with her pancake!  She thought it was the coolest thing ever!

After breakfast it was time to head to school.  Which I might add was sure that she was going to be late.  But we made it just on time! =)

After school we had to run home quickly so Emma could change her clothes before heading to her friends house.  She somehow managed to fall into a huge mud puddle on her recess and she was soaking wet. 

Emma had such a great playdate today with one of her great friends.  This was her first real playdate since starting school!  They played dress up & watched a movie.  I really don't think she was ready to leave when I went to pick her up!! 

When I picked her up we headed to Target.  I wanted to pick up a few things, and I managed to get a good deal on something!  Emma loves all the Barbie movies.  The new Barbie Mermaid Tale 2 came out the other day.  It was on sale for $12.99 and you also got a free $8.00 Barbie with it! 

I have kind of made the Friday nights that I am off from work, Pizza nights at our house.  We make our own pizza, and it's fun!  Choose our own toppings and then bake.  Emma loves to help! 

This is my last night off from work before working the next 3 nights.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  It's suppose to be nice here again the next couple of days!! =)

Beautiful Day!!

The weather here in Maine was Ahhmazing today!  Completely goregous actually!  We had a high of 56 degrees.  That high of a temperature at the beginning of March is awesome.  Brian brought Emma to school this morning and I got to sleep a couple of extra hours!  I love to sleep in, but i'm always afraid i'm going to miss something if I do! haha 

Anyway, Brians dad had surgery about a week ago, so he is out of work for a while.  So he took a ride with us to camp for a bit this morning.  I love it out there.  They actually have 2 camps.  One on a lake, and the other is not.  We went to the one that isn't on a lake.  We brought Gunner with us so he could run.  Boy does he love that!  He had so much fun! 

So we let the dog run, Brian shoveled the deck off out there and then we headed back to town. 
Emma had another doctors appointment today.  Just to make sure her ear infections were gone, and also we wanted to talk to the doctor about having tubes put in her ears.  The doctor suggested that we wait another 4 to 6 months and then revisit the tubes option. 

The weather was so nice that we spent the entire day outside.  After picking Emma up from school and going to the doctor, she wanted to ride her bike.  She had so much fun!   And it looks as though we will be getting her a new bike this spring. Hers is getting a little small for her.

Today was a good day.  Tomorrow is Friday, and Emma is having her very first "real" play date after school!  She is sooo excited to be going to someone else's house! =)

Even though today was a good day, I was still feeling quite sad for a co-worker.  One of the deputies that I work with lost his wife last night after a long illness.  I can't help but just feel so sad for him.  She was young.  Just a couple of years older than me.  I just simply can't imagine what he is going through. 

After a long day of spending time outside, everyone in this house is tuckered out.  Both Emma and Brian are sound asleep and it isn't even quite 8:30 yet.  Oh, and the puppy and 2 cats are sound asleep too!  I guess it's time for me to catch up on some DVR! =) 

Weekend update!

We had another great weekend!  Yesterday we spent the afternoon with a friend of ours.  She brought her dog over to our house and we let them run and run and run outside.  They were tuckered out little pups when they were done!  We then had supper at local restaurant here in our town.  They have such yummy food.  It's a little greek restaurant, everything is always so fresh and good! 

After dinner we went to my inlaws.  Emma and Brians mother made homemade bread yesterday and she baked it off last night.  It was soooo cute!  We haven't eaten her loaf yet, but the rolls they made were good!! =)

Today we spent a while outside making a snowman!  It's the first one we have been able to do this winter! 

And of course I had to post a photo of Gunner too!  He sure does love to run and find sticks of course!! =)

So I am sooooooooo excited in just 15 minutes the new season of my very very very very favorite show comes on!!!

I love this show!  And I can't wait for the 2 hour special tonight.  I'm not going to leave the recliner for the entire thing!  =)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!! =)