Recipe Club {Crockpot Chicken & Rice}

Happy Wednesday!  Today is Recipe Club day =)  Every month, the third Wednesday of the month, Heather from My Glittery Heart and I host a recipe club.  Be sure to grab our graphic and link up.  Any recipe goes!  This month we are a little later linking up, but better late than never ;)

My recipe for you today is simple.  I tend to post a lot of "simple" meals.  Simple is good around here because with working full-time and Emma in a bunch of after school activities, it's sometimes hard to get a really good meal on the table.  
So i'm sharing with you, Crockpot Chicken & Rice.  The first time I ever had chicken and rice was at the Cracker Barrel and I fell in love with it.  So I decided to find a recipe that was close and I doctored it up a tad.  

This is easy people.  Take all your cans of cream of mushroom and the cream of chicken and pour them into your crockpot.  Add one can of drained mushrooms (or you can use fresh), add 1 tbsp of garlic powder and 1 tbsp onion powder.  Mix it all up well.  And then place your boneless chicken tenders on top.  I pushed mine down slightly into the mixture.  

Cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-8 hours.

The rice.  I buy the rice in a bag and just follow the directions on the back.  Usually I make the small portion on the back.  However, instead of water I always use chicken broth.  I also saute a small onion in some butter and then add that to the finished rice.  

It's so good!  On this particular night, I served it with hashbrown casserole and green beans.

Everyone in our family likes this recipe (minus Alyx, cause well she's super picky!) 
So what are some recipes you've made lately?  Link up below and share with Heather and I!  Have a great Wednesday!!

Christmas Recap

Happy Tuesday!  Can you believe that Christmas is officially behind us now??  Isn't that crazy!?!  The last 2 months have completely flown by and now we just have 4 days left of 2016.  That is even crazier!

I hope you all had a great Christmas.  We certainly did here.  It was busy, but it was fun.  Saturday morning I had to run to town to do a couple of last minute errands.  I know, leave it to me to have last minute shopping to do.  So off I went, coffee in hand.

Thankfully the stores weren't too busy since I went early, so I got my stuff done and headed back home.
Instead of a traditional Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner, I usually make a chowder or stew.  This year I did a Lobster Stew.

I had the store cook the lobster for me, so all I had to do was clean it out, which made it super easy!
This year we did our Christmas with my in-laws on Christmas eve.  I didn't get many pictures, because well honestly I completely forgot!  The girls got tons of new stuff from them.

When we got home, my parents were at our house, and the 4 of us (me, Brian, Emma and Alyx) found that Santa and Mrs Claus left us all packages on our beds.

Matching pajamas for all of us =)

Brian was a really good sport about it!
We had our dinner and then the girls made Reindeer food for well, the Reindeer!

Emma went outside and sprinkled it all over our lawn.  She was very precise as to where she was throwing it too ;) 

The girls headed off to bed, and then Santa came =)

I settled in to watch a Christmas movie and have a glass of wine.

The next morning, bright and early at 5:30 am Emma woke up.  I tried and tried to get her to fall back asleep for a bit, but there was absolutely no way that was happening.  So at 6am, she got up and went into the living room to check out her goodies.  We didn't let her open anything until Alyx woke up.  Alyx was up by 6:30.  That gave me time to make a monkey bread for our breakfast and make up some coffee.

The girls got sooo much stuff.  And they have been having a ball with all of it.  Alyx is really into baby dolls.  I think between Santa, my parents and Brians parents she got 4 baby dolls.  And she just LOVED this Anna costume my mom bought for her.  
Emma really isn't into the whole toys thing anymore =(  She was all about the electronics.  She got an iPad, beats headphones, lots of makeup to play with, and a ton of clothes.  

We had Christmas dinner at my in-laws and then we played a mad game of the new electronic monopoly.  

It's definitely different than the original monopoly.  But we did have a lot of fun playing it.

We ended the night by watching the new Dory movie and the girls layed on the living room floor in their new sleeping bags.

Another amazing Christmas in the books.  =)

I am also so excited to tell you all about a new linkup for 2017! 

The first Wednesday of every month, myself along with 7 other hosts will be sharing what we have been reading!  I'm so excited to be linking up with all of these ladies!!

And lastly, today, tomorrow Heather and I have our monthly recipe club!  Be sure to linkup with us!  Remember, any recipe goes!!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!
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Christmas Pajama Party

Happy Thursday!  In just 3 days it will be Christmas!  Can you believe it?  The girls are so beyond excited it's crazy.  Last night we stayed up far too late watching Christmas movies, but Emma only has today left of school and she's on Christmas break.  So I figured it would be ok to stay up a bit later.  =)

Is there anything cuter than matching Christmas pajamas?  I've always had fun buying Christmas pajamas for Emma, but when I was pregnant with Alyx and found out I was having another girl, I'm not going to lie one of my first thoughts was "Matching pajamas!" haha A couple of weeks ago I found some matching pj's at JcPenney, but honestly they were a crazy price for them.  Now let's fast forward to the other day.  I walk into JcPenney to find them at 80% off! Making them $4.97 a piece.  I scooped them up and couldn't wait to get the girls ready for bed that night =)

The angle of this picture makes my tree look really really small! 
I thought these nightgowns were just too cute =)
After I took these pictures, I found them cuddled up in bed with my iPad watching a 
Christmas movie <3

Previous years I did matching pj's from Hanna Andersson

And also matching pj's from American Girl for not only the girls but their baby dolls too 

Have a great Thursday everyone!!
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What's Up Wednesday

Hello!  Happy Wednesday friends =)  Thanks to all of you who joined in on the Christmas Ornament show and Tell yesterday!  It was so much fun seeing all of your ornaments and reading about them!  We are officially 4 days from Christmas.  So technically this is Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve! Ha =)
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What We're Eating This week
You guys, I feel horrible about this but I have hardly made a meal since we have been back from vacation.  I have made a couple but we've been so busy lately.  So I really have nothing to share here in the eating department.  Brian and I were able to go out for lunch the other day just the two of us.  We chose our favorite sushi restaurant =)

 What I'm Reminiscing About
 Florida.  Sigh.  I want to be back there in the beautiful weather looking at Palm Trees and going to Disney World!  ;) 
What I'm Loving
It really doesn't take much to make me happy or get me excited.  When we were in Florida I went to IKEA (for the first time ever I might add).  I had been looking for a tiered stand for my kitchen and I finally found one.

I'm definitely excited to decorate this for each season =)

What We've Been Up To
We had Emma's Christmas concert at school the other night, and it was so cute!  They sang some really cute songs.  I took a couple of pictures before we left and let me find a corner and sit and cry!  My little girl looks sooooo grown up it's not even funny.

I want to know where my baby went! 

What I'm Dreading
Plain and simple.  Taking down all of my Christmas decorations.  Ugh.  I feel like I haven't had them up long enough.  I'm totally thinking of leaving them up until the middle of January so I can enjoy them more =)
I did a post all about my Christmas decorations, you find that post here.

I think my tree this year is my favorite so far =)

What I'm Working On
I'm not really sure.  I do need to get on the ball and order a new 2017 planner.  Maybe I'll work on that today ;) 

What I'm Excited About
 Christmas!  I cannot wait for this weekend.  We have lots to do to get ready, but I'm excited for it.  I have lots to wrap still, and the girls and I still have some baking to do.  The girls both love to help in the kitchen, so the next couple of evenings after work I plan on making some cookies and a few other goodies for some neighbors.  Friday night we are going to grab some cocoa and go for a ride to look at Christmas lights.  We haven't had an opportunity to do this until this week.  So we are all looking forward to it!

What I'm Watching/Reading
I need to get caught up on, This is Us.  I'm behind a couple of weeks, but I absolutely love this show!  If you aren't watching must!!  The last book I read was the new Chip & Joanna Gaines book and it was great!  Highly recommend it!!  And speaking of books...soon I will have an exciting announcement...probably Friday so be looking for that! =)

What I'm Listening to
Always this time of the year...

I am also LOVING Alan Jackson's Christmas Album as well.
My absolute favorite Christmas song...
 I just LOVE this song!  

What I'm wearing
Lots of dress pants and cardigans to work and as soon as I get pants or leggings and sweatshirts! ha!  

What I'm This Weekend
Hmmm...well let's see.  Celebrating Christmas!!!! =)

What I'm Looking forward To Next Month
A new year.  2016 treated my family pretty well, and I hope that 2017 is just as good!
What's my Favorite memory from 2016
I would have to say our entire trip to Disney.  I still have some recapping to do, and it's been a bit hard because I've wanted to get Christmas stuff on here too.  So be on the look out for the last of my trip recap next week!!

I hope you all have a GREAT Wednesday!! =)

Christmas Ornament Show and Tell {2016}

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love pretty much everything about it, and my most favorite part of all of my decorations is my Christmas tree.  I've been collecting ornaments basically forever and each time I hang one on the tree I always think back to years past.  So today we are hosting a Christmas Ornament Show and Tell. Join myself, Beth, Justine, Stephanie and Heather and show us your favorite Christmas ornaments =)

I really could have taken pictures of every.single.ornament and bored you to death by telling you when I got it and why I love it, but I spare you the hundereds of oranments and show you just my favorites =)

If you've read my blog long enough you know my love of the vintage red truck with a christmas tree on the back.  So when I found this particular ornament at a kiosk in the mall a couple of weeks ago I fell in love =)

It's just perfect!!  My mother in law also gave me a red truck ornament a few years ago and it's definatley one of my favs as well.

I love the homemade ornaments that Emma has made at school, and they will forever be on my tree.  Even when she moves out I don't think these are ones that I will pass down to her ;)

I love the finger snowmen that she made when she was only 5 =)

Last year at Alyx's Daycare they made salt dough hand print ornaments.  

Her hand was so little compared to now!  

The night that Brian and I got engaged back in December of 2005, I bought an ornament at Rockefeller Center, in NYC to always remember our trip and engagement there.

I love the personalized ornaments, and I usually try to get one every year.  

We got this particular ornament the year we became a family of 4 =)  In 2013.

My mom doesn't do much of a tree anymore so when I asked her this year if I could have some of my ornaments from when I was a kid I was so excited when she told me to take whatever.

This was my baby's first Christmas, 1982 =)  

My parents also bought their first house in 1982, and I was able to take this one as well.

When Brian and I bought our house, I of course bought and ornament to commemorate it.

When we went on our Honeymoon to where else but Disney World, I had to get this ornament =)

I may cry if this ever breaks! 

My dad's side of the family is Swedish, and I love these Swedish ornaments.  

They are both older than I am!

Whenever we vacation somewhere we try to get an ornament.  This year we got this Minnie Mouse ornament.  When you pull the string the legs and arms move.

I could go on and on with all my ornaments, but now it's your turn!  Join us and link up below and tell us about some of your favorites.  I can't wait to see what you all share =)
Have a great Day!!!