Commenting Challenge - Dream Vacation {Day 5}

Today is the final day of Jenna's Journey Commenting Challenge! 

I'm really glad that I did this, I have come across some new wonderful blogs that I have enjoyed reading and gained some new followers =) 

So today is Day 5, and it's "Tell us about your dream vacation" 

I have been fortunate to have traveled a lot while growing up.  It seemed like we were always going somewhere.  My most favorite trips though have been in the last couple of years when we have taken Emma to Walt Disney World.  There is just something so special about experiencing Disney with a child of your own.  Everything is just so magical there.  We love it that's for sure! 
But...I have to say that isn't my dream vacation.  If I could pick anywhere in the world to go I would probably pick Sweden!  I know it's not a tropical vacation, but it just looks to be so beautiful there.  And most of my family was originally from Sweden, so I would love to see it. 

I would also LOVE to go somewhere tropical as well.  And that being Hawaii!  I have always wanted to take a trip there and I hope to someday. 

So where is your dream vacation? 

That concludes Day 5 of Jenna's Journey Commenting Challenge =)  I definately had fun with it and hope everyone else did as well!!

So onto what's been going on around here this past week.  Emma had gymnastics both Wednesday and Today.  She is LOVING it!!!  And she is doing really well with it.  I'm pretty darn proud of her ;) 

Tomorrow is me and my hubby's 5th Wedding Anniversary!  I can't believe it has been 5 years already!  We both have to work tomorrow night and i'm having my Thirty-One party early afternoon, so no celebrating our anniversary tomorrow.  We are planning a day trip in the next couple of weeks though =) 

I hope everyone enjoys their Weekend!!!! =)

Commenting Challenge {Day 4} Hobbies

It's day 4 of Jenna's Journey Commenting Challenge!  I have to say i'm loving this!  I'm "meeting" new people and following some really cool blogs =)  So today's challenge, "Tell us about your hobbies"

My biggest hobby...spending time with my family.  There is nothing I enjoy more =) 

I have always enjoyed reading.  But after having Emma 5 years ago now I kind of gave it up.  Just didn't have much time.  But then this past Christmas I got a Kindle Fire, and I am addicted to that thing!  I have never read so much in my life!  I most recently just read The Grey Series books.  I LOVED them!  It's so not a book that I would have just gone out and bought, but with all the hype about it I decided to give it a try.  Great read! 

I also love to watch reality tv.  I know, terrible right.  I love to watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette.  Those are probably my favorite reality shows.  But my most favorite show is Army Wives!  Anyone else watch this show? 

Music.  I love music!  Mostly country music!  Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift.  I could listen to music all day long! =)

I also really enjoy cooking and baking.  But I hate cleaning up the mess after!  If I could cook and bake all day long I would be happy as long as I don't have to clean a single dish! haha  I always do though =)

So what is everyone else's hobbies?  I'm anxious to hear!! =)

Commenting Challenge {Day 3}

Today is Day 3 of the Commenting Challenge over at Jenna's Journey!  Today's topic is "What are your favorite social networking sites and favorite websites!  Sooo here it goes!! 

My favorite social networking site is most definately facebook!  It took me quite a while to get into facebook.  I was an original fan of!  And facebook was completely different to me.  But once I got into it and saw that all my friends were on it, and then came across people I hadn't seen in years...I was hooked!  I upload probably way too many photos on facebook.  My facebook page is completely private, I have it set so only people that I know really well are able to view it.  I'm not on twitter or instagram either.  I really don't know a whole lot about either of those.

Some of my most favorite websites are:  Etsy, Pintrest & Amazon.  I am slightly addicted to Etsy!  I'm always finding the cutest things on there.  I have ordered dozens of personalized shirts for Emma.  And in another post I will share my favorite sellers on Etsy =)  Pintrest I love as well.  Although i'm not quite as addicted to it as some people that I know.  But they really do have some cool ideas on there!  And I love Amazon, because well you can buy anything on there!  Seriously, what did we do before the internet??  =) 

And of course one of my most favorties is Blogger!  I log onto blogger quite a bit throughout the day to read up on everyones blogs, leave comments and update mine! =)

So that concludes Day 3 of the comment challenge!  I'm anxious to see what other peoples favorite social network sites and websites are! =)

Commenting Challenge - What my blog is all about {Day 2}

This is day 2 of Jenna's Journey Comment Challenge!  Today we are asked to tell what our blog is all about!  To be quite honest I have no idea how I started reading blogs.  I think I was online on google looking for something about photography and came across a blog.  I was quite surprised that people put so much online about themselves.  Well, then I started reading a ton of blogs and never commented on any of them.  Then one day I decided what the heck, i'll start a blog!  So I found someone that could help me make it look nice and then I took off with blogging.  I blog about our every day life.  I LOVE taking photos and this is a place where I can put my photos up and family and friends can read what we have been up to.  I love to blog about vacations we take, and again our normal every day to day life.  Emma is recently into gymnastics and i'm having a blast taking photos of her there and i'm anxious to blog more about her progress! =) 

I have been fortunate to have "met" some really awesome blogging friends.  People I have never met, but feel like I know them.  We follow each others blogs, give advice, and share inspirations.  I have posted a few recipes on my blog before and I really want to get into sharing more.  I love to cook and I have come across quite a few recipes that I think the whole world should try, so maybe someday i'll put together a big recipe blog =) 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!  =)

Comment Challenge - Introduction

I'm linking up today with Jenna's Comment Challenge!  I have never done this before but I thought it would be a cool way to get new people to read your blog!  Feel free to do the same!  =)

Sooo...My name is Johannah.  I live in a small city in Maine.  I'm married to my best friend Brian, we will have been married for 5 years this coming Saturday!!! =)  We have a 5 year old little girl, named Emma.  She is the light of our life!

We have 2 cats.  They are both almost 2 years old.  Both girls, Bubbles & Bella.  Emma named Bubbles, such a cute name!  We also have a 10 month old puppy.  He is some sort of hound mix.  We rescued him from South Carolina where he was going to be euthinized.  We love him sooo much!  His name is Gunner. 

I work fulltime, 40+ hours a week.  I'm a 9-1-1, police/fire/ems dispatcher for our county.  I have worked there for 9 years now!  My husband is a police officer.

So that is day 1 of the comment challenge, link up too!  This could be fun! =) 


We had such a great weekend here!  We went to my grandmothers who lives about 3 hours away from me.  She lives in this little tiny town in northern Maine, up near the Canadian border.  My fathers side of the family are all from Sweden.  Back in 1870 Maine recruited hundereds of swedish immigrants to settle in Northen Maine.  The exact date was July 23, 1870.  So every year on July 23rd the community celebrates Midsommar.  So there is your brief history lesson, now lets move onto some pictures!! =)

I'm in love with the scenery at my grandmothers.  This was taken at her house.  It's beautiful.

This is the Maypole...they decorate it in beautiful wild flowers.  After it is all decorated kids dressed up in swedish attire dance around it.  They are always so cute.  We missed that part though =(

The museum has so much to look at.  Emma loved looking at all the old stuff.  And some of the things in this museum once belonged to family members of ours. 

This is Emma with her great grandmother.  My grandma =)  She is the sweetest lady ever.  And can you believe she is 92 years old!  She still lives on her own and all.  I love my grandmother so much, but I don't get to see her as often as I would like.  Growing up I would spend almost my entire summer at her house.  Back then she lived on a big farm, where my dad grew up.  She had horses and cows, and it was sooo much fun staying there with her.  =)   She sure does love Emma right to pieces! =) 

We had a great weekend.  We have a busy week ahead of us.  I work Monday to Wednesday.  Emma has gymnastics twice this week, and then I'm having a Thirty-One party!  If anyone is interested in purchasing anything let me know and it can be shipped directly to your house =) 

And Emma is LOVING gymnastics!  She had a little bit of a melt down on Friday, for some reason she didn't think she was in the right class and she started to cry.  But the coach noticed it right away and took Emma aside and let her help with carrying some mats around the gym area, it took Emma's mind right off it!  She is doing so well with it, and i'm super proud of her! =)  Here is a couple of pics from Fridays class.

I hope everyone enjoys their week!! =)

Summer Nights

There is nothing better than a beautiful summer night.  Miss Emma running through the sprinkler without a care in the world.  The giggles coming from her and the high pitch screech because the water is cold.  The huge smile on her face.  I love this little girl more than anything.  She's the sweetest and funniest little thing ever.  We had a blast tonight outside in the sprinkler.  I sat on the lawn with a glass of sweet tea and just watched her having the time of her life.  I hope the rest of the summer is as good as it has been so far.  I *love* my family =)

I'm so in love with summer.  I wish it could stay here forever =)


We had our first day of Gymnastics today!!!  I was quite nervous about this, because, when we signed Emma up for soccer last fall she kinda freaked out when we got there and refused to participate.  She was way too nervous and it just went down hill once we got there.  This time around I let her pick out what she wanted to do and she chose gymnastics.  We talked before getting there and she said how excited she was and that she would participate.  Let me tell you, she had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!  I thought the first day would be a whole lot of doing nothing, but not at this place.  The very first thing they got into was the high bars.  I have never seen Emma have this much fun doing a sport.  She is going twice a week for on hour sessions.  Who knows, maybe someday she'll be an olympic gymnast =) 

The next class is Friday, and all ready Emma cannot wait!  We had a blast watching her and so proud of how great she did!!! =) 

When life gves you lemons, Make lemonade!

The other day we went out to find a few yard sales.  There is a town a few miles away from us that does a huge town wide yard sale every year, and I wanted to hit those up!  And boy did I get some good buys!  One sale we went to I got Emma 2 movies Cars & The American girl doll movie Kit Kittredge.  $2.00 a piece for them and they were brand new!  I also let Emma pick out a bunch of books too.  She's so into reading now which is awesome =)  They also had a TON of gap clothes for sale.  But everything was about 3 sizes too big for Emma right now, so I held off on those.  The next place we went I got an awesome bench made out of moosehead maple.  I am in LOVE with it!  Moosehead is a brand of wood products that are made here in Maine, but brand new are super super expensive.  I scored the bench for $20 bucks!  The last place we went is where I got my most favorite thing ever!  We pulled up in front of this house and outside the house was a lemonade stand.  I wasn't sure at first if it was for sale or if they had kids there selling lemonade.  But it was For Sale!!! =)  So we bought it and loaded it up!  Emma has been excited all weekend to have a lemonade stand.  So today at noon we went out on the front lawn and set up her stand =)

Don't you just love Emma's shirt?  She loves to have shits with either her name on it or with just an E.  I ordered this shirt from Shawna over at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  She has some great stuff!  Here is her etsy site:

Her shop is currently closed, but she will be opening it again soon!  Definitely check her out =)

We had sooo much fun with this!  Emma was out selling from 12:00 to 2:00 today, she charged 25 cents a cup and she ended up making $9.25!  She was super excited about that!  We had all kinds of people stopping for Lemonade.  It was a good way to spend a couple of hours on Fathers Day =) 

Happy Fathers Day!

We celebrated Fathers day just a little bit early in our family.  It's so hard sometimes with the schedules we all work to get together.  We did a BBQ the other night, and then I surprised my hubby with a gift. =)  I feel like i'm always buying him stuff that is, well, useless.  lol  Sounds terrible right?  I wanted to get him something that I just knew he would absolutely love.  So the other morning we got up, and I told him we were heading to the store.  I brought him to a local store in town that sells hunting supplies and stuff.  We went in and I told him he could pick out a new gun.  You have no idea how much he loves his guns! =)  Totally redneck right?  Haha   I guess that's part of the law enforcement in him and the hunting in him.  He was like a kid in the candy store picking out his new gun =)  So he picked out what he wanted and a few hundered dollars later we left.  Oh. My. Word.  I seriously don't get why they are soooo expensive!  I informed him that this was a combined Fathers Day and Anniversary gift for him =)

My father bought Emma her first gun when she was 2 years old for Christmas.  A pink .22 shotgun.  Seriously.  She had never used it so we thought that being 5 years old we would give it a shot.  So off to the range we went. 

This girl can go from dresses and bows to jeans, boots and gun and still look so stinkin' cute!! =)

Those holes aren't all from Emma....she had some help from Dad =)

I hope all the dads have a great Fathers Day today!  I know we sure will!!! =)  Happy Sunday everyone! =)

Weekend Recap

We had an awesome weekend!  I was off from work on Friday, Saturday & Sunday!  I love when I have long weekends =)  We spent so much time with family and friends, and I love those times!

Friday night we headed to the University of Maine to participate in the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run.  This is really an awesome thing.  Police Officers from all over our state run and raise money to help the special olympics program.  The goal is to run from all points in Maine and finally reach the destination at the University.  Once there a HUGE parade is held with police cars from all over the state, as well as fire trucks, and a lot of other floats.  It's probably the largest parade i've seen.  So we got there Friday around 5:00 pm.  During the day the weather was great but then around 5:00 pm it started to get cloudy!  Really cloudy!  And then came the rain.  It was so disappointing.  We did the parade but the ended up cancelling the opening ceremonies for it.  Because the of the rain I only got one photo. 

The video isn't much either, but you get the point! =)

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to camp with my father in law to bring stuff out.  It's a little over an hour away.  We brought Gunner with us.  The camp is on a lake and I was really curious if he would get in the water.  He wasn't too fond of the water, but hopefully as the summer goes on he will get more used to it! =)  The water was super cold too!

Saturday night we headed to my husbands cousins high school graduation party.  It was nice to get together with family.  Great food and drinks =)

Sunday I spent the morning and afternoon shopping with my mom.  I have to say my mom spoils me.  Haha  And of course I love it.  I had mentioned that I wanted to get a certain pair of shoes and the next thing I noticed she was buying them for me =) 

This is what I ended up with.  They are soooo comfortable and I love them =)

Sunday evening we had a big bbq here at our house with some family and friends.  The kids had a blast playing together, and the adults had a good time talking, eating and having some nice drinks =)  Oh and how could I forget.  Our dog was out on our front porch and something startled him and he ran straight through our front screen door!  Poor thing.  I think a motorcycle went by with really loud exhaust and scared him.  So we will be replacing the screen very soon! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weeked.  Ours sure was great!  And don't forget, if you want to order anything from Thirty-One, the link is on my previous post =) 

Thirty-One Party

So have you all heard of Thirty-One?  I'm in LOVE with all of their stuff lately!  If you haven't heard of them, they are a company that sells purses, totes, bags, baskets, etc  Basically anything to keep you organized!  There are hundereds of different patterns you can choose from, monograming and personalization!  I'm hosting a party in a couple of weeks at my house and I also have it online so anyone can order =)  If anyone is interested in ordering anything click on the link below.  You can pay for it online and have it shipped directly to you!  =)  There are lots of cool things for summer in the book right now!  I'm loving the Large utility tote!  I think i'm going to have to order about 4 of them! haha 

Here is the link:

Once you get there click on "My Parties" in the top left hand corner.  On the next page that comes up, under my name, Johannah Sirois click "Shop Now".  That's all there is to it!!  =)