Happy 7th Birthday Emma!

I cannot believe that Emma is 7 years old already!  These past 7 years have truly flown by.  This past Sunday we celebrated Emma's birthday party.  We didn't go over the top this year with a party.  Usually i'm super organized when it comes to her birthday and have it planned out months in advance.  Well, this year was different.  We planned it within about a week.  But it was still fun, and Emma had a blast!!

I think her cake turned out super cute!! 

We had a little "photo booth" set up for the kids to use.  Emma and her cousin Hannah thought it would be cute to set their American girl dolls up for a picture =)

The theme for the party was "Tie Dye"  The bought white shirts for all the kids, and then bought a tie dye kit.  They all got to tie dye their own shirt, and they had a blast!!!  It was a tad messy, so I made sure to tell all the parents to have the kids dress in play clothes for the party!  
The shirts had to dry for 6 hours and then we were able to wash them.  They came out super cute!  

The pinata was hard to get into!  But the kids finally managed to do it!  

My camera started acting really weird when Emma was opening her presents.  All the pictures came out blurry.  But trust me, she got some great gifts!  Our gift to Emma was her very own Kindle Fire.  She was pretty excited!  And I have to say, i'm jealous because her Kindle is better than mine now! Haha  Isn't that the way it goes though, the kids always have nicer things then us?? =)  

Emma had a great day for a party!  The weather was beautiful, and everyone had fun!

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!!! =)


  1. What a cute party. Looks like everyone had fun

  2. A tie dye party is a great idea! Looks like fun :-)

  3. What a fun party! And, that cake looks awesome!!

  4. What a fun party idea! Looks like Emma had a blast!