Baby Update {33 Weeks} & Some Randoms

We've made it to 33 weeks as of today!  YAY! =)  Here is an update!

Due Date?  Still November 14th =)

How Far Along?  33 Weeks today! =)  7 weeks to go!

Size of Baby?  The app on my phone shows she is the size of a honeydew!  Last week she was about 3 1/2 pounds according to my doctor.

Gender?  Girl!! =)

Weight Gain?  At my last appointment, last week I still hadn't gained any weight.  And after the baby is born hopefully this will continue! HA! =)

Maternity Clothes?  All.The.Time.  I'm at the point now where I just don't feel comfy in anything other than yoga pants and tank tops.  But...I don't think my boss would approve of that attire at work =)

Food Cravings?  It's been chinese all along...and yes i'm still craving that as well.  But i'm also craving boneless buffalo tenders. 

Movement?  Still all the time.  Sometimes it's at the point where when she moves it's almost painful.  I'm not sure if i'm getting kicked in the ribs or what...but boy does she move a lot!!

Labor Signs?  Nope...although I did have to google braxton hicks the other night!!

Belly button in our out?  In

What I miss?  A lot right now.  Sleeping in general.  I feel like I only sleep for about an hour at a time and then i'm awake for 2 or 3 hours.  Brian has woken up to me wandering around the house a few times at all hours of the night. haha  I also miss having more ambition with Emma.  I'm positive she misses it as well.  By 7:00 at night when i'm home i'm more than ready for bed and just beat.  I feel like lately I haven't given Emma the attention that she completely deserves.  =(

Looking forward to?  My next ultrasound next week!  Can't wait to see Alyx again! =)  And my baby shower which is this weekend!  I actually think that Emma is more excited about the shower than I am =) 

So now for some random stuff!  The other night I made a pasta dish, that was amazing.  I have to share the recipe with you.  Totally wasn't on my pregnancy diet...but I may have cheated a bit =)  The recipe came from The Pioneer Woman, and it's called Penne a la Betsy.  It was a huge hit with Brian and Emma.  I did modify it some.  Instead of using shrimp, like the recipe calls for, I used chicken.  And I didn't have any herbs in the house, so I used a bag of spinach, and used wheat pasta.  My picture is terrible, but I highly recommend trying it!

A few days ago I took Emma to the mall so she could spend some birthday money at build a bear.  Plus I had a coupon that needed to be used soon.  Only stipulation when we go to build a clothes.  They are so expensive, and Emma never keeps them on the bears.
We ended up with a black cat with an orange nose and orange paws.  She's been named "Pumpkin"  =)

And of course I know you are all just dying to cold is just about gone!  haha  Thank god!!  My back pain...still there.  I have a feeling that this is something I will have to deal with until the baby is born.  We'll see though...keeping my fingers crossed that it goes away!!


  1. This pregnancy is going by fast. Hope your back pain goes away soon

  2. I always had terrible back pain in pregnancy! It stinks! I can't believe only 7 weeks to go . . . getting so close!

  3. I had such bad back pain when I was pregnant. I pretty much lived with a heating pad on my back. It helped some...
    I'm dying to go to Build-a-Bear, more for me than for M. It looks like such fun!

  4. That's awesome you are at 33 weeks!! Also love the pic of Emma and the bear and that pasta sounds so good!! I will have to try it- I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes! Have a great weekend!! :)