Baby Update {32 Weeks}

Due Date?  November 14th =)

How Far Along?  32 weeks!  7 weeks to go! =) 

Size of Baby?  According to the pregnancy app on my phone it says the baby is about the size of Honeydew.  At our appointment this past week the doctor said she is about 3 1/2 pounds.  He said she is still on the small size. 

Weight Gain?  Still no weight gain.  I'm good with this =) 

Maternity Clothes?  All the time.  I wish I could wear yoga type pants and t-shirts all day every single day.  On my days off if we are out and about I put normal clothes on, but the second we walk back into the house, my clothes are off and i'm in comfy pants and t-shirts or tanktops. 

Food Cravings?  Staying the same...Chinese!  As soon as she is born I told Brian we are going to order takeout chinese =)
Gender?  Girl...Alyx Grace =)

Movement?  All the time.  She's a mover that's for sure!

Labor Signs?  Nope!

Belly button in our out?  In

What I miss?  Sleeping.  It's been a rough rough week in the sleep department.  Between my nasty cold that I have had, and this new onset of back pain that i'm experiencing, there has been very little sleep.  I've never had backpain quite like this before, and I can't ever get comfortable.  When i'm at home you can most likely find me on the couch.  I feel bad because i'm definately not giving Emma the attention she deserves right now, but she is such a good girl and tells me that she understands.  Last night she brought me a big glass of ice water and a pillow and told me to rest =)  I love that little girl! 

Looking forward to?  Getting through the rest of the week!  Just taking it day by day.  I'm further along in my pregnancy now than I was with Emma.  So as I go on through the rest of my pregnancy everything i'm experiencing is basically all new to me.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of it goes well =)


So I have decided to try knitting a carseat blanket for Alyx.  I've never done a blanket before, so I was pretty excited to get started.  I found a super easy pattern online.  It's almost exactly the same pattern as the dishcloth pattern, but a little bit different.  I got it started this afternoon, and i'm so dissapointed in the yard.  It's rough and not very soft.  I figured I would finish it and then try washing it and see if it softens up at all.  If not, then Emma will have a new blanket for her dolls =)  And i'll find a softer yarn!

Its not going to be huge my any means, just enough to cover her up while she's all cozy in her carseat =) 
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!  Mine will be spent working...and hoping this darn back pain goes away!!


  1. Yay for making it this far!!! Sorry you aren't feeling great, back you are so close to the finish line!! Hang in there ;)

  2. Pretty blanket (in the making) ! :-)

  3. Love the color for the blanket!! Try soaking it in some water with vinegar and see if it softens up some.

  4. Seven weeks to go - that sounds like such a short amount of time!
    I hope you can find some relief from you back pain and are able to catch up on some good sleep!