It's the most wonderful time of the year...

The staples commercial.  It's the most wonderful time of the year, when the father is running through the aisles throwing back to school stuff into the cart, and the kids look less than impressed.  So do I think it's the most wonderful time of the year?  No!  To be quite honest, i'm sad that our summer is coming to an end.  The last summer of Emma being an only child too.  Crazy!  We are very excited though about the upcoming months and to meet baby Alyx =) 

Emma starts school tomorrow morning.  Bright and Early.  I asked her last night what her favorite thing was that we did this summer.  Her reply...The Taylor Swift concert =)  And then she went on to say, swimming at Nana's, playing with her cousins.  And her list went on.  So i'm glad that she had a good summer, and i'm going to miss having her at home all day with me =( 

We had a great weekend!  Brians parents had the whole family at their house on Saturday for Lobsters and clams...yumm!  And Brian made some really great ribs!

The salads were delish too!!
This was one of Brians plate...I think he may have been a little bit hungry! haha
All the kids had a blast playing together too.  And I completely forgot my good camera at home, so no pictures of the kids today.  Just food pictures! lol
Yesterday Emma and I hung out in the morning, and then went and did some last minute school shopping in the afternoon.  The college kids have moved back in town this weekend, and it's starting to get crazy at the stores and in town.  Brian ended up getting called into work last night because they expected huge college parties, but they didn't end up having any!  I told Brian it was a waste of time going into work....but the extra money is definately nice! Ha!! =)
I'll update tomorrow with Emma's first day of 2nd Grade!!!

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  1. I love getting together for family meals... the food is always so good!

    We were at my inlaws over the weekend & that's what I noticed too- the craziness of college students coming back. My FIL worked ER Sat. night & said it was busy with the drunks. ;)