Baby Update {31 Weeks}

Due Date?  November 14th!

How far along?  31 weeks Today!  9 weeks to go and counting! =)

Size of baby?  According to my pregnancy tracker app on my phone, Alyx is about the size of a head of lettuce...about 3 pounds 2 ounces

Weight gain?  None still!

Maternity Clothes?  Yup!  I need to go shopping very soon for some new tops, and maybe another pair of jeans =)

Movement?  Still all the time.  She loves to move around in there. 

Food Cravings?  My answer is going to remain the same as the last few weeks...Chinese food!!  But i'm waiting until she is born!

Gender?  Alyx Grace =)  Girl!

Labor Signs?  None yet!

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  I still miss sleeping on my stomach.  Trying to get comfy at night is so hard these days.  I also miss being able to walk normal...I feel like i'm waddling!  And I miss playing with Emma.  I get so tired so easily these days.

Looking forward to?  Monday!  Another baby appointment and ultrasound!  Can't wait to see little Alyx again! =)

So the past few days, have been Horrible.  I have come down with a darn cold and it's literally kicking my butt.  It started with a sore throat, and has turned into a full blown cold.  I'm really hoping it goes away soon, because I haven't been able to get out of my own way.  Although I have been working and that's been rough!  It'll soon pass i'm sure!


  1. Oh no, hope you start feeling better!!

  2. 9 weeks?! YAY!!!!

    I always found that hard not being able to sleep on your tummy too. Hope you are able to get some good rest and get feeling better soon!