Apple Picking {2013}

I have been sooo excited to go apple picking this year!  I was finally going to make a ton of homemade applesauce and jar them.  I had plans for apple crisps, and a couple of more apple recipes I found.  Well, we headed out apple picking today after Emma got out of school.  First place we went, Closed.  They are closed on Mondays.  Really?  Oh well, so we drove 18 more miles to the next orchard.  They were open!  So we drove through the orchard and finally got out and grabbed our bag.  Our plan was to pick a bushel of apples.  A bushel of apples is a lot, and only $20 for the entire thing.  Well guess what.  The apple picking this year is Horrible.  With a capital H.  After walking around the orchard for what seemed like forever, I asked Brian how many apples in our bag.  He says, 1.  Really?  Ughh.  We decided to just head back to the orchard store and buy a teeny tiny bag of apples for $6.50.  I was so disappointed.  But I did get to take some photos, so that was a plus!

And as you can see we had to drag Emma out of there =)

So tomorrow I suppose I will make one apple crisp out of the teeny tiny bag of apples that I paid a ridiculous amount for! ha!  Better be good =)

My parents came down and went with us, and treated us to dinner after.  It's nice being able to get together with them and have a meal.

On another note, Emma is just getting over a horrible cold.  She started coming down with it on Friday, and by Friday night she was miserable.  I felt so bad for her.  I stayed home from work on Saturday because she was starting to get the flu type symptoms.  She went to school today, and is doing so much better!  

We are hoping to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow around the house.  We have lots of yard work that needs to be done, and I want to get the inside of the house in tip top shape for this weekend.  Emma will be turning the big "7" next Monday, and we are having her party on Sunday.  I cannot believe my little Emma is almost a 7 year old.  Time goes by way to fast.


  1. Love her festive apple shirt...and that last pic is too cute!

    She will be 7 and then you'll have a newborn!! My husband and his brother are 7 years apart in age too :-)

    1. Nothing like completely starting over, haha! =)

  2. I love Emma's little shirt! How cute.
    Too bad about the lack of apples. :(
    I was at the grocery store tonight picking up apples (I want to make apple crisp, too!) and the selection didn't seem nearly as good as I thought it should have been. :(

  3. Bummer that the apple picking was bad! Love the picture of Emma on the ladder!

    Hope your apple crisp turns out; I can't wait to start baking for fall!

  4. We're taking all three kiddos to the orchard today! We might be nuts! :oP but the weather is perfect fall weather so we don't want to miss the chance to go! :o)
    Emma's shirt was perfect for the occasion! :o)