Baby Shower =)

Yesterday my mother in law hosted a baby shower for us!  We had a really great time, and we got a ton of stuff!!  Lots and lots of clothes, diapers, wipes, baby wash...I could go on and on =)  Emma had a lot of fun helping me open all of the gifts.  She got just as excited about the little tiny baby clothes as I did.  One of my friends even found Emma and Alyx matching pj's, so Emma thought that was just the coolest thing ever!

Our family of 3...soon to be 4 =)  

Lots of gifts!  I was a little overwhelmed with everything! haha

And of course...cake!  You can't have a shower of any kind without cake =)

I didn't have a lot of time to take photos yesterday of all the stuff we got, but I did snap a couple of pictures to share.

I thought this idea was great!!  A Hospital survival kit!  Filled with stuff for...Me!  Haha  Magazines, bubble bath and shower gell, Footies, some hard candy, 2 bottles of Life water, lotions and much more in the bottom.  My husbands cousin did this up, she's too clever!

This was from my sister in law and nieces =)  I love the blanket!  And it was filled with diapers, wipes, clothes, teethers, bottles, bottle brushes, all kinds of stuff!

My mother in law makes baskets, and she made this one.  It was adorable!  Filled with baby bath stuff, onesies, receiving blankets, little toys, and a bunch of other stuff.  We definitely got spoiled by everyone!

 Brians grandmother passed away a few months ago.  She knew we were pregnant before she passed, and she made a blanket for the baby.  So on the gift table was a bag that said it was from his grandmother.  I was confused at first, but when I opened it and saw the blanket I just about started to cry.  It is beautiful, and she knew she was really sick and probably wouldn't make it to see the birth of the newest great grandchild, and she took the time to make sure she got a blanket done for Alyx.  It's beautiful and i'll make sure to take a picture of it soon!

So now to find room for all this stuff! We haven't got the baby's room done yet.  And oh my am I starting to stress about this.  We have just a little over a month now left.  It WILL get done! haha  My parents and inlaws went in together and bought the crib for us.  Since Emma's crib turned into a fullsize bed, we needed another crib.  I can't wait to get it, I'm in love with it!  And I can't wait to get the room all decorated for Alyx.  A Hobby Lobby just opened the other day here, and I went and found a ton of stuff there that is going to be just perfect for her room.  So in the next week or so we will start on the room!  

Last night was the first night in a while that I actually slept.  I only got up once, and I thought for sure I would be up the rest of the night, but as soon as I got back into bed, I fell right back to sleep.  So I woke up this morning feeling so much more refreshed and well rested.  I'm to the point where it is so difficult to get comfortable in bed.  

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!!!


  1. Lots of fun stuff! So sweet about the blanket :-)

  2. That survival kit is genius!! What a great idea!
    Can't wait to see Alyx's room come together!

  3. The blanket from Brian's grandmother is so sweet. A keepsake, for sure.
    Sounds and looks like your shower was beyond amazing!!

  4. your baby shower turned out so cute. Love the hospital survival kit

  5. Love the story about the blanket. What a great gift and legacy!

  6. It looks like you had a great shower. Complete side-note: I think Emma looks so much like her dad. I wonder if Alyx will look like you?

  7. You look so great! How exciting that you had a baby shower! That blanket is going to mean the world to you guys; wow!