Tuesday Tidbits

Not a whole lot to blog about today, so i'm trying something new today.  Tuesday Tidbits!

1.  Have I mentioned that I have yet another cold?  Have I also mentioned that Emma missed another day of school last Thursday due to an ear infection?  Ugghh.  Seriously, i'm so over winter and ready for spring!

2.  Has anyone been watching Full House on Nick at night?  I always thought Nick at night shows were old....Wait?  Have I become old?  Emma is loving Full House!

3.  Army Wives season 7 premieres this Sunday!  I can hardly wait!!!

4.  I made a crockpot tortolini soup this morning.  This afternoon I took the cover off the crockpot and it was a total FAIL!  So disapointed!

5.  My mother got a smartphone today.  I have already had about 5 phone calls from her today asking me questions.  lol

6.  I found proof today that our dog and our cat Bella really do love each other.

7.  We have decided to start keeping our dog out of the crate while we are gone.  So far so good.  Lets hope we can get that giant black crate out of our kitchen very soon!

8.  Confession:  I am addicted to the stupid facebook game, Candy Crush.  I finally had to delete the app off my phone.  It was consuming a lot of my downtime at work.  I can find more productive things to be doing other than that =)

9.  Emma desperately needs a haircut.  She really wants to cut it shoulder length.  I'm having a really hard time with that idea.  I don't think she has the right kind of texture in her hair to be shoulder length.  We're getting to the age where she really wants to make some of her own decisions.  YIKES!

10.  We started a "behavior" chart at home.  I got the old school metalliac sticker stars.  Everyday Emma gets a star put on our calender.  Gold Star: Super Good  Silver: Good  Red: Not very Good.  So far we are 5 days into March.  We have 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 red.  We'll see how this goes! 

11.  I'm thinking it's time to do a blog revamp.  I love my blog layout and header, but I have had it for 2 years now, maybe it's time for something different =)

12.  I'm more in love with Pintrest right now than I have ever been.  I'm a pinning machine lately!!

13.  Not sure if I have mentioned, but i'm ready for spring and summer.  I'm ready for green grass, sunshine, and farmers markets with fresh veggies.  BBQ's outside on our patio.  And I could go on with this list!

14.  March is the month of Birthdays for our family.  All in march, My brother in law, my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, my niece, ME =) and Brian.  I really want to give Brian a nice gift this year for his birthday....any ideas blogger friends??

15.  And finally, it took me 2 hours to write this post.  That's how it goes when I am at work.   And now since my soup I made for dinnner tonight was a huge fail....I must figure out what to have for dinner =)


  1. Full House was my all time favorite show growing up! WHen I was naughty my parents wouldn't let me watch it and I thought it was the end of the world ;-)

    I'd let her cut her hair! hehe. At this age I wouldn't let her do something drastic like a pixie cut or something, but I think shoulder length could be very cute on her! It'll grow back :-)

  2. I know I have mentioned it before but I love full house and have all the seasons on DVD. They just don't make shows like that anymore.

    I have candy crush on my iPad and it is addictive. I only allow myself to play it before bed. I am scared to put it on my phone and I refuse to pay for the extras.

  3. I loved Full House when I was growing up.
    I love when dogs and cats lay together, so cute.
    I need to take Kaylee to get a hair cut, her hair is so long and she hates to have it brushed. I'm to afraid to cut it!

  4. Full House was a Friday night must! TGIF!
    Candy Crush is the devil, straight up!

  5. We are all from the same generation; I am a huge Full House fan too! ;)

    You know what, I had the hardest time letting R get her hair cut shorter that first time too, but after doing it, I realized it wasn't so bad, it will grow back, and it actually turned out much cuter on her than the longer hair. But I totally understand you, because Emma's hair is so pretty on her! :)

  6. Oh, and since Brian is a hunter too, I am sure Joe would have plenty of great suggestions for gift ideas! :)

    1. Good thinking! You'll have to ask him about some good gift ideas for him! =)