Bedroom Dilemma

Ohh the bedroom dilemma!  Our house is quite small, and our room and Emma's room are both on the 1st floor.  We do have an upstairs, however it's more like a finished attic.  And we need more space in our house!  I feel like we are all cramped in our downstairs.  However.  The stairs to get to our upstairs aren't exactly the best stairs in the world.  They are steep.  Emma and Brian both really want to move her bedroom upstairs.  But i'm super nervous about doing so.  I'm afraid that she is going to wake up in the night and need to use the bathroom and end up falling down those darn stairs.  We've had a couple of people look at them to see if there is anyway we can redesign them to be less steep and what not, but we aren't really sure if it can be done or not, due to the location of the stairs.  BUT, the other part of me really wants to move her upstairs so we can have more room in our downstairs living area.  We would love to have an office/tv room.  And the room that Emma is in now would be perfect for that!  Emma loves the upstairs bedroom.  It's perfect for a little girl.  It has a HUGE closet, which she doesn't have now.  It has a built in dresser drawers into the wall, and the hardwood floors up there are in mint condition.  There are so many cute things we could do to make it just perfect for her.  But i'm just so stinkin nervous about those darn stairs.  I have even though about having an intercom system put in so if she needs to get up in the night she can press the button and tell me.  LOL  Pathetic right??  Anyway, i'll have to take pictures very soon so you all can see exactly what I am talking about.

If she does move upstairs soon, then I think she needs to have all new bedding and bedroom accessories! =)  I really want to go with a chevron & polka dot theme.  I am soooo in love with those patterns right now.  And I think lots of bright colors would be great!

 These are just some ideas I have.  I want it to be super bright and colorful for her if and when she makes the move upstairs =) 

Anyone have any suggestions on good places to get bedding?  I'm always looking!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!