It's Friday!

It's Friday blogger friends! =)  What's everyone have planned for tonight?  Anything exciting?  For me and Emma we have an hour gymnastics class at 6:30.  And then I just *might* make a trip to Target.  It's been a few days since I have been there, and I may be going through Target withdrawls!   Brian has to work tonight.  Boo.  We never have any Friday nights off together.   So lets recap the last couple of days!

Last night we were all home, which was soooo nice.  Until Brians phone rang and he got called into work.  But he didn't have to be into work until 11pm, so we had time to make dinner and hang out as a family.  For dinner last night I cooked salmon, baked potato and asparagus!  Oh. My.  It was Delish!   Brian (who always makes fun of me for taking pictures of food) took a picture of his plate.  He definately loaded his potato with sour cream!

After dinner Emma and I made chocolate chip cookies!  She loves to help bake and cook.  So I basically let her do it all!
She did a really good job!  I tried a new cookie recipe that I found on pinterest.  The cookies were ok, but I don't think I would use that recipe again.

A few days ago I got a not so nice letter from our City informing me that I have not registered my dog with the city yet this year.  I'm not sure if this is mandatory for wherever you all live or not, but by January 31st anyone that owns a dog has to register it through your city/town.  They charge you $6.00.  Well.  Apperantly life got busy and I forgot.  So I get this letter telling me it needs to be done asap and what not.  It said they needed a current copy of his rabies vacination.  And because i'm late getting this done there is a $25.00 late fee.  Of course.  Why does this not surprise me.  So after a phone call to our vet to get that info, they informed me that he isn't up to date with his rabies vacine.  Ugghh.  So I make an appointment with them.  Before I hang up I ask, "Oh by the way, what is this going to cost me?"  The lady says about $150 or so.  WHAT?  Seriously?!?!  Nooo way was I paying that price.  Just to walk through the door for a visit was $55.00.  Brian called around and found a really nice veternarian place about 2 miles from us, and they were only going to charge us $58.00.  So we made an appointment for Gunner to see them today.  After dropping Emma off at school, I made a run through the Dunkin Donuts drive thru to get coffee and Brian starts laughing and points to the back seat.  There sat Gunner.  In Emma's carseat.
Isn't he just too cute =) 
My mom came down to visit today and we went to lunch at one of my fav restaurants.  We had some really yummy sandwiches
In the nearby town next door to us, they have some really neat sandwich shops and bakeries.  One of them is a bakery that is owned and operated by a couple of franciscan monks.  They're food is amazing, and I like to stop in sometimes and pick up a macaroon! 
It's time to head out for gymnastics....I hope you all have a great Friday evening!! =)