Portland...Date Weekend

What a weekend we had!!  We actually got to leave town Saturday for the night and it was awesome!  Friday my parents came and picked Emma up right after school and they traveled an hour north home and she spent the entire weekend with them.  Brian and I both worked Friday night, and Saturday early afternoon we packed up and made the 2 hour drive to Portland.  It's the largest city in Maine...and it's really not all that big compared to other big cities out there! haha 

Before we got to Portland, we stopped in Freeport.  It's our outlet store capital of Maine.  And well, I LOVE shopping =)  I can't even begin to tell you about the deals I got.  We stopped at Carters and OshKosh first.  Before we even got out of the car Brian said, "Emma has enough clothes"  LOL.  A girl can never have enough clothes.  Well we got inside both stores and the deals were so good, that he agreed that she can always use more clothes =)  Check out what I got. 

Staring with Carters

On the clearance rack...$3.99
Clearance rack...$4.99!!!
Again..Clearance rack...$4.99!  I Just love these dresses, and for less than $5.00, I love them even more!!
Osh Kosh
And lastly from OshKosh, $5.99.  This one is quite big for her, but she'll grow into it eventually!

After those 2 stores, Brian wanted to go into the North Face outlet...and of course I went straight to the kids section, and I scored this super cute puffer vest for $19.99!  That's pretty darn cheap for North Face!
This was by far my favorite purchase of the weekend!  I love the colors in it and think it's just really cute!!
After our mini shopping spree, we continued to Portland checked in at our hotel.  I love the hotel we always stay at there because they give you fresh hot chocolate chip cookies when you check in...yumm!!
And of course when looking out our hotel room window we could see the mall, and guess what...I never made it there.  Oh well! 
We had originally planned to go to a really nice restaurant in an area of Portland called The Old Port, however we decided not to only because the Civic Center is located across the street from the restaurant we wanted to go to, and they were having some big event Saturday evening at the civic center.  And i'm sure it was super crowded, so we ended up at The LongHorn.  We had a great meal, and it was nice to be alone and have adult conversation.  Although a lot of conversation was about Emma of course =) 
We started with an appetizer of shrimp.  It was delicious, although it looks more like a meal.  There was so much that we packed most of it up to go.  For dinner I had some parmesean chicken, that was amazing.  Brian had steak.
The picture makes it look completely terrible, but it definately wasn't!
After dinner we went to Target.  Exciting huh?  I found a new pair of brown flats, that I loved.  And Brian got socks!  We laughed while we were there about how we were on a date weekend and were out shopping for socks!  =)

Later that evening, we went to a bar.  I'm not a huge bar person. I hardly ever drink, unless it's a glass of wine here and there.  But...our main reason for going was to hang out with our friend TJ who we had not seen in almost 5 years.  Tj had lived in our area when Brian and I were first dating.  He and Brian worked together at the police department and were best friends.  We even honeymooned together to Florida after we all got married.  TJ and his wife at the time (they sadly just recently divorced) moved to Portland after he started working for the US Customs agency.  And he has most recently been working in Arizona.  But he happened to be in the area we were staying so we met up!  It was so good to see him.  And Brian was really happy to be reunited with his long lost best friend =)  We all agreed that 5 years is ridicoulous to go without seeing each other.
They had a really good time catching up! 

This morning we woke up at 10:00...it was soooo nice to sleep in this morning.  We got up and got ready and checked out of the hotel and then of course we went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast!  My absolute favorite!! 
Chicken, Eggs & Hasbrown Casserole, and of course biscuits!  And then we made the 2 hour trip home.  Our friend Christine had been watching our dog for us this weekend and she took him out with her dog and some friends ice fishing today.  She sent us these 2 pictures
And apperantly after hours of ice fishing, this is what it will do to you!  He even gets covered up with a jacket!  Such a baby!  He's been back home with us since about 5pm tonight, and he hasn't moved off the couch.  He's super tired!
So there you have it, our weekend away.  It's really nice to get away and have some alone time with the hubby, but it's always nice to get home to Emma =)