Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  I have been away most all week from this blog, but I am here today to share some of my favorites from this past week.  
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Blogging wise, my favorite from this week was What We're Reading Wednesday.  Join myself and the following bloggers the first Wednesday of every month and share what you are reading!

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Alyx may be 3 years old, but we had the most horrible time taking her paci away.  I said that I wasn't going to take it away before we went to Florida, but it was my goal when we came back.
Nighttime is what I was worried about.  She never had it at daycare and pretty much during the day at home, but at night...that's when she wanted it.  

First night of taking it away was a success!  She fell asleep while sitting with me in the living room and since Tuesday, she hasn't asked for it once!  She even found one and threw it in the trash =)

A lot of our time this week after school and work has been spent at the pool.  

Emma has her first home swim meet this weekend and I'm super excited because I am actually off from work and we will all be able to go =) 
She's having a bit of difficulty in the diving area, but she's starting to somewhat get the hang of it ;)

So it's a short Friday Favorites, but our week has been pretty boring around here!  I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!

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