hello Monday & Swap Announcement!

Hello!  Happy Monday friends =)  I hope you all had a great weekend.  
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We had a pretty good weekend here.  It was my weekend to work, so unfortunately we didn't really do anything fun or exciting.  Emma was "hired" by the Knights of Columbus here in our city on Saturday evening to take coats at the door for an event that they were holding there.  At the end of the night she ended up with $65.00 in tips!  I couldn't believe it!  She did well for herself and she said people kept her busy =)  She will definitely be up for doing it again!
 While Emma was doing that, Alyx and I enjoyed ourselves a Sweet Frog date =0

She got her usual.  Plain cotton candy ice cream with absolutely no toppings on it.  Mine on the other hand.  Chocolate/Peanut butter froyo with nutella and peanut butter topping.  My fav for sure =)

I finally got an apple watch this weekend.  I have been wanting one for a while now, so I was pretty excited about it!

What I wasn't excited about was the fact that I charged this thing completely overnight.  Unplugged it at 5:30 before going to work Saturday morning and by 9am the battery was at 41%.  By the time I left work not only was the watch battery dead, but so was my phone.  I poled instagram to find out if this was normal or common and it didn't seem like it was, so I returned it and they were really good about giving me a new one.  

I pretty much love it.  I tossed the sizes around and finally decided on the 38mm size.  The smaller one.  My wrists aren't all that big and I felt like the 42mm was just too big for me.  I did like that it had a big screen though.  So if you have any tips or tricks for me on this watch, I would LOVE to hear them!  

Saturday evening Emma stayed with my inlaws, so it was just Alyx and I home.  And the dog too of course.

Alyx thought it was a great idea to sleep in my bed since Brian was working.  She and the dog were quickly moved as soon as they were both asleep ;)

Ok.  So now I have a fun Swap Announcement for all of you.  If you have read this little space of mine for anytime at all then you know that I have a huge love for nail polish.  Like HUGE.  I may or not have a nail polish problem ;)
So a few of us are joining together and hosting a blog Nail Polish Swap!

Meet your hosts...Me =)

What would be more fun then getting a box in the mail of some fun nail goodies, just for you! 
I was so excited when these ladies agreed to co-host with me.  If you would like to participate, please click HERE and fill out this short form.

Here are all the details you need to know.

The limit for this swap should be $15.00 before shipping.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or any of the other hosts.  
We hope you will join us =)  

I hope you all have a great Monday!  


  1. Your new watch looks SOOO fun!! And I am so excited about our nail polish swap!! YAY for happy mail!! Have a great day friend!

  2. So glad you got the watch problem worked out! I love my Apple Watch!
    So excited for out nail polish swap!! :)

  3. I'll be interested to hear more about how you like the watch! I feel like I would check it constantly but maybe not? Yay for Emma making some serious cash! Sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend.

  4. So is the new watch doing better? I hope so! That swap is so much fun. Makes me wish I painted my fingers or toes more often, lol.

  5. I signed up for the swap! What a fun idea and if there was anyone meant to host something like this, it's you!

  6. Very cool that you got an apple watch!

  7. Holy smokes, $65 in tips?! Can I work for your KoC club?!
    I LOVE my Apple watch! I use it mainly to track my workouts and movement. I know there's more I can do. But that's the feature I love and use the most!

  8. Wow, $65 in tips is so impressive!! Enjoy your apple watch!