New Year's Goals

I'm a day late at linking up with Erika and Shay, but better late than never I suppose ;)  I love this new linkup they have this year, Workin' it Wednesday.  

Today or well yesterday now, we are sharing our 2017 goals.  

Home goals:
*To be more organized.  Our closets need organizing in the worst way.  If you were to open up a certain cupboard in our kitchen, approximately 500 pieces of tupperware may come flying out at you.  
*Laundry.  Is anyone else with me on this?  I will wash and dry clothes, but I hate folding it.  I need to get into a folding routine.  
*This year I either want to replace our living room floor or our kitchen floor.  Not sure which yet.  But one of them needs to be done.

Parenting Goals:
*More one on one time with Emma.  Alyx gets a lot of one on one because Emma is at school.  I feel like we just don't get this time with Emma and I miss it.
*Less yelling.  At the end of the day when everyone is exhausted I need to find more patience and just go with it.

Marriage Goals:
*More time for date nights.  These are soo far and few between.  We need to find more time for just Brian and I to have dinner and a movie or even just lunch together.

Work Goals:
*More patience.  I can't even begin to tell you some of the calls I take.  I feel like I am always polite on the phone, but at the end of some calls I sometimes feel like my patience almost just went out the window.  It wears on you after a while.  And this year I want to work on being more patient with people who say call 911 to find out if the town dump is open, or what time the fireworks are at, or wondering if the chief is working.  I can't make this stuff up.  Patience. Patience. Patience. Ha =)

Me Goals:
*Shopping for myself.  I tend to shop a lot for the girls, and my wardrobe is often neglected because of this.  
*Read more.  And it just so happens I am co-hosing a What We're Reading linkup, so this is really great for getting me to read.
*Eating healthier.  I need to get into a routine of cooking healthier meals.  

So there is just a handful of goals for 2017.  They are all do-able that's for sure! 

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!


  1. I can't even imagine the patience it takes for your job! I think mine would be gone by the time I got home! Great will rock them this year!

  2. We have alot of the same goals this year, here's to a great 2017!!

  3. Love your goals friend!! I feel the same way about getting quality time with my older girls...they are at school so much...I really miss them! Just another reason why summer is my favorite :) and girl- the work you do is so important...I can only imagine the crazy you get bombarded with!! You are amazing!!😊

  4. Great goals! I have a hard time with folding laundry too. I have the load from yesterday waiting for me right now!

  5. Girl...I would lose my mind if someone called 911 to see if the town dump is open...I mean lose it!! Patience GONE! You are strong my friend!
    I need to work on not yelling and more one on one time with Ian! Since we have a boy and girl...We often pair off...Boys golf, Girls shop! But we need to make an effort to switch kids! HA
    Hope you have a great day!!

  6. Love these goals. I really made an effort to shop for myself (and not buy lots of gray) last year and it REALLY payed off. Can't wait to see you accomplish them this year. Also thanks for the linkup info! I am going to check that out now!

  7. I love your goals! I would not be able to do your job, one, those kinds of calls would drive me crazy and two, I would panic with the person in an actual emergency. I remember a show about 911 dispatchers (it came on a few years ago) and it was real calls, and I thought to myself NOPE! I would be the worst. It takes a very special, calm, and level headed person. Have a great day!

  8. These are great goals and I think things all of us need to work on in 2017 too!

  9. We've been discussing lunch dates for us as well. These are all great goals and I love your "Me" to take care of yourself as well!

  10. You've set some AWESOME goals!!
    I need more patience all around; with the kids, with Scott, with basically everyone. HA!
    And date nights. I'll take a month's worth of those, please and thank you!
    I feel you on shopping for the kids more than yourself. Totally guilty (which is why I don't feel bad when I see a Stitch Fix box at my door step;) ).

  11. We are planning on having a one a month date night and I'm really eager to kick those off in a few weeks.