Tuesday Randoms

Happy Tuesday!  Today the kids here have no school....

Gosh I miss snow days.  I remember growing up I would always go to my aunts house on those particular days because she was a school teacher.  We would literally play in the snow from the time I got there in the morning until my mom picked me up at 3 in the afternoon.  We would always have hot cocoa and then soup for lunch.  And now I'm at work and don't ever get a snow day =)  Oh to be a kid again!

Last night I sent out emails to everyone who is going to participate in the nail polish exchange!  So if you are participating, be sure to check your email =)

 Last night the evening was spent at Swim practice.

She has yet another meet this weekend.  This one is a big one.  I think there are 4 other teams that are participating in it.
I've been trying to figure out something to do with all of Emma's ribbons she gets from the meets.  I've come across these on Pinterest and I think I'm going to make one this week for her.

Simple enough!  And I think she will like having something to hang them off.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday, see you back here tomorrow!

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