Thursday Confessions

Happy Thursday =)  Thank you to everyone that linked up yesterday with Heather and I for our Recipe Club!!  If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.  =)

I'm linking up with Leigh today for Thursday Confessions.


Alyx is getting to the point where if she takes a nap during the day, it means she goes to bed super late.  However if she doesn't have a nap, she gets pretty grumpy late afternoon.  Most days I'm at the point where I would rather deal with a grumpy kid for a couple of hours and have her in bed early then stay up late.


I have been loving Emma being at summer camp this week, because she comes home super tired, and goes to bed early.  Are you seeing a trend here?  Kids to bed early = a happy mommy =)


Alyx is a super picky eater.  She won't try anything...unless I tell her that it's BeeBee's favorite.  BeeBee is my dad, her grandfather.  If I tell her that he loves it, she will try it!  It's a win for me!


We gave Emma a few chores this summer. One being loading and unloading the dishwasher.  However, she hasn't ever asked for her allowance for it and I haven't mentioned it.  Does this make me a horrible mother?!?!  ;)


I have a really hard time at getting rid of stuff.  I'm really terrible at it.  No, i'm not a hoarder, but I like to hold onto things because, well, you never know if you might need it.  The other day Brian was looking for something in our utensil drawer, and I could tell he was getting annoyed because the drawer was a little full.  Next thing I know he's throwing things away.  After he was done getting rid of stuff and organizing the drawer, I checked the trash just to make sure there wasn't something in there that he threw away that "I might use someday" HA!


Am I the only one that "forgets" to put gas in my car??  Brian is forever getting into my car, turning it on, and then yelling at me for always running on empty.  Okay, he doesn't yell at me, but he sighs really loud and asks why my car never has gas in it.  LOL =)  But guess what, I have NEVER once been on the road and run out of gas =)


I have zero tolerance for employees at restaurants not getting orders correctly in the drive-thru.  Like zero, zip, zilch tolerance for it.  When I order a happy meal, and you "forget" to put the french fries in it, and give me a milk, that's not going to make me happy at all.  I went through the drive-thru for a reason, because i'm in a hurry and didn't want to drag 2 kids into the restaurant...and when I have to go into the restaurant because you messed up my order, the momma bear in me is going to come out.  Ugh.  Okay, end rant.  But am I the only one that this iritates?!?!

Thanks Leigh for hosting this linkup! =)


  1. You are not a horrible mother for not mentioning the allowance... I do the same thing:)
    I check my food before I pull away from the drive thru for that very reason! I don't care that 50 cars are behind me... The drive thru person looks at me like I'm crazy every time! haha

  2. I so agree about kids in bed = happy mom!

  3. Haha, I am so with you on kids and sleep!! I wish mine couldn't read a clock many days!! Also, I went to McD's last week and got the kids both Happy Meals - I asked the girl specifically if their milk was in the box and she said YES, it is. Drove off - NO, it wasn't!! And they got one of the meals wrong, but thankfully we were so hungry we just ate it. We get takeout a lot and inevitably something is always wrong. What gets me more is the places who have someone specific to do that job and they still get it wrong. It's your ONE job!!! :)

  4. Major high fives for happy, tired kiddos- one of the best things about summer!! And I make my kids do a lot more than unload and load the dishwasher and they aren't getting a penny for it! Ha!! :) so don't feel bad one bit! :)

  5. Bed time is 7pm here! I don't care how awake or tired the kids are. 7:00 means in bed! This momma enjoys a few hours of down time.
    Keep going with the chores and no allowance! I think it's awesome on both Emma's end as well as yours.
    The gas!! HA! Scott always gets SO frustrated when he has to put gas in my car. It's not all that often because I'm typically the one who fills it up, but he seems to think he's the only one who knows how to get to the gas station. HA!