Thursday {4th of July Recap}

Happy Thursday Friends =)  I'm just getting around to recapping our 4th of July. We spent a couple of days at my parents house.  We always spend our 4th there, and Emma has a blast with her cousins.  We had amazing weather, great company, delicious food...and Brian and I were both sick.  Boo.  We made the best of it though, and neither of us let our sickness get to us too bad ;) 

So let's recap!  Sunday when I got out of work at 4, I picked the girls up and the dog and we drove the hour north to my parents house.  Brian met us up there the next morning when he got out of work.

By the time I got there I had a full fledged ear infection.  Fun right?   And since it was a weekend and the Holiday was the next day, my only option was the ER.  So that's what I did.  Thankfully I got an antibiotic and a shot of some good pain meds and I was good to go!  Other than not being able to hear out of my right ear, thankfully I'm not in pain anymore.

Saturday morning we got up and walked to downtown area and got ready to watch the parade.  Brian stayed back so he could get a few hours of sleep.  The girls LOVED the parade...until the firetrucks came and they scared Alyx.

I had a really really adorable dress for Alyx to wear, but silly me never tried it on her before hand and it was floor length on her.  :/  It looked kinda crazy on her, so thankfully I had packed another outfit for her.  And gone are the days when I could dress Emma in cute dresses and or skirts with bows in her hair.  Sigh.  My girls growing up!

We met up with my side of the family and the girls enjoyed watching the parade with their cousins =)

The parade was great!  The girls not only caught candy, but they also handed out popsicles and juice boxes and mini bottles of water!  What a great idea to hand out at a parade in the summer I thought =)

We had a really great BBQ at my parents house, with lots of great company and yummy food.  Brian made us some amazing homemade mojitos.

They were so much better than any mojito mix that you can get in the stores.  Fresh and tasted like summer =)

Emma swam  Like literally, as soon as we got home from the parade around 11, she got into the pool and never got out until 5.  She ended up falling asleep on the couch until almost 7.  She was exhausted!
When she finally woke up she had dinner on my parents patio since she didn't even get out of the pool to have lunch!

My mom and I went to the downtown area and picked up a thing of homemade onion rings to go along with dinner.  They were so good =)

We went and watched the fireworks and they were pretty good.  Alyx thought they were awesome and only wanted to see blue ones! Ha! =)

Tuesday bright and early Emma was up and out swimming in the pool!

I sat out for a couple of hours watching her and enjoying coffee =)

Later on that afternoon my dad took us all to lunch.  Lobster rolls ;)

One of my favorite things about living in Maine is lobster rolls are available at almost every restaurant.

Emma and Alyx loved these moose that were carved out of wood.  They person that made them is definitely talented!

We bought a whoopie pie to share between the 6 of us because it was huge!

It weighed about 5 pounds =)  And was as big as Alyx's head! haha

Later that day we headed back home and Emma crashed within 5 minutes of getting in the car.

We definatley had a succesful 4th of July.  Lots of fun was had a good food was consumed =)

I hope you all had a great 4th of July as well!! 

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  1. Looks like y'all had an awesome weekend! I really need to come visit so I can enjoy those lobster rolls you are always talking about!!! :)

  2. So many things I loved about this post! But first so sorry you got sick! I also got sick this past weekend and it is just the pits feeling so yucky! Your girls are so precious love their Fourth of July Offats! And why do you always have to tempt us with those amazing looking lobster rolls!? SO yummy! And I have a weakness for onion rings so those also looked amazing! Ha! So glad you managed to have a great weekend despite not feeling your best! Hope you have a great day friend!

    1. Darn auto correct- I meant to type outfits not offats! Ha!

  3. Looks like a great time! Sorry about you getting sick - I didn't know adults could get ear infections!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend, but all I can think about are the Lobster Rolls and the Whoopie Pie. Yum! Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Ok, love the photo of the dog in the background!! Haha - sorry you got sick, but what a fun weekend for you all! I love Alyx's little outfit!!! And that whoopie pie - WOW!!!