What's up Wednesday

Hi!  Happy Wednesday Friends =)  I'm linking up with the fabulous Mel, Shaeffer and Shay for, What's up Wednesday =)

It's been a busy week and to be honest, we've eaten out quite a bit this week.  But I did share the amazing fish tacos that I made the other night.

If you want the recipe, check out Emily's blog at Simply A Rough Draft =)  

Can I just say I have a love/hate relationship with TimeHop.  Sometimes I smile and sometimes I cry.  Let's face it, I cry a lot when I see photos of my babies and look at them now and how they are growing up!  The other day TimeHop reminded me of the first Red Sox game Brian and I went to.  

7 Years ago!  7!!!  We have been back since then, but this was by far the best game we went to.  We need to go back again soon!

Summer.  Every.Single.Thing about Summer.   We've had a really great summer so far.  We still have a little over a month before school is back in session, and we are going to soak up every single minute of it. 

Emma spent a week at Summer Camp last week and had an absolute blast.  She proclaimed it the "best week of her life"  I am so glad she had such an amazing experience there and loved it so much =)

I love a schedule...but I am honestly dreading having to get up in the mornings once school starts and get Emma off to school.  I love mornings don't get me wrong, but I love mornings when I can just stay home and sip my coffee and watch the Today Show and read blogs =)  I wish I could hire someone to drop off and pick up from school! ha! =)

Right at this minute...not a whole lot.  Mainly just keeping all my flowers alive that we planted outdoors this year! =)

I am super excited about next month =)  I booked a night away for Brian and I to a beautiful resort called the Island View Inn.

We are also going to take a Ferry to one of the islands that is about 50 minutes off the coast of this town.  I really am excited to go =)

My normal shows are always always on repeat here.  Fixer Upper.  Pioneer Woman.  And I currently am not reading any books =(  Any suggestions?  I love me a good love story!

Lots of The Highway on SirusXM.  Anything FGL, Eric Church, Tim McGraw, Kelsea Ballerini.  We love them all!

Working.  And more working...oh and wait...working.  This sums it up well.

I really do love my job, but I thought these were too funny and had to share =)

Getting away for a couple of days, and going school shopping with Miss Emma =)

Oh Summer.  I love everything about it.  The sun, the swimming, the green grass, and all the flowers in bloom.  I wish I could bottle it up and on the coldest winter day open that bottle and have one summer day.  Insert sigh here.  Winters in Maine are long, and i'm not looking forward to it at all.  

I hope you all have a great day!!  See you back here tomorrow!! =)


  1. Oh friend- I am SO right there with you on dreading getting back into the school schedule!! And I am so excited Brian and you have a getaway to look forward to!!! Looks like such an amazing place to visit! Hope you have a great day!! :)

  2. The Inn looks amazing! That will be a fun getaway. I love summer as well and I am really trying to soak in the last couple of weeks before school starts and we have a schedule to follow. Have a great day!

  3. That resort looks amazing! I hope you have a fabulous time! How far are you from Boston? I am dying to go to Fenway. I'll have to give you a shout, if I ever make it up that way. I totally agree about the pickup/drop off at school. That's really the only reason I am excited for Kendall to get her license this summer, but on the other hand, it makes me nervous for her to be in the school traffic. Ugh!
    I have our non-emergency police number in my phone, and call it when there's one of those "not really emergencies" happen and I still feel guilty about taking up their time. Ha! It's usually just a sketchy looking door to door salesman, but they make me nervous. But, atleast I don't call 911 about it.

  4. Ha, Timehop got me this month too!! So much to reminisce about! That Inn looks amazing - jealous!! I am not looking forward to homework again - and early bedtimes. One more week though, so I better get ready!!

  5. Well, that's just great Emma had the "best week of her life"! haha, I LOVE that!! Your little get-away looks and sounds AMAZING. I'm sure you both will have a wonderful time!

  6. I totally agree about loving a schedule, but my non scheduled summer mornings are by far the best!! That Inn looks AMAZING, I hope you guys have a great time!