Yup...it's 3am...

Yes, that's right it's 3am.  I got out of work at 2am, and it takes me about 20-25 minutes to get home.  And now i'm sitting here writing.  I have to be up at 6:45 to get Emma from my in laws house and get her ready for school...and then bring her to school.  Usually after that I would come right home and go back to bed for a few hours, but not today.  I'm heading out to go shopping with a couple of friends at 8:30 am.  Can you say crazy?!? haha  I do know one thing.  My very first stop after dropping Emma off at school will be Starbucks!!!!

It's only Thursday and it's been a long week so far.  My work week felt like days off were never in sight.  I'm on 2 days off, and go back Saturday evening.  My schedule is so weird.  I get very frustrated with it at times.  On Monday we were given 5 new schedules to look at, and all the employees get to vote on them.  I'm hoping and hoping that I will be going to a day shift.  The one I really want is 5am to 3pm.  It would be perfect because I would be out of work every day around the same time Emma would be getting home....and my inlaws wouldn't have to keep her at night much anymore!  That's a really big thing for me right now.  She is 6 years old now, and I think it's important that I work my schedule around as much as possible for her to stay at home every night.  It's very difficult when both parents work nights.  Anyway, enough of my complaining about this!!  =)

In 2 weeks Emma will be starting her 4th round of gymnastics!!!  We don't find out until Friday which level she will be in.  She's pretty excited =) 

So I only have one picture today.  Back almost 3 years ago now I bought Emma her very first Matilda Jane dress.  The dress has been worn a ton of times and still looks brand new.  I tried it on her yesterday morning before school and was soooooo excited that it still fits =)  This is one of my favorite dresses she has ever had.  So of course she had to wear it =)

Have a great morning every one =)


  1. Soooo cute! We've actually never owned Matilda Jane, if you can believe it lol :-)

    1. The only reason I got the Matilda Jane dress is because I found it on ebay, new with tags for $35.00! I couldn't pass it up =)

  2. The dress is adorable! Love it with the boots! I don't know how you do it... working nights, being a mommy, shopping with friends when you should be sleeping, haha. I hope you get the schedule you want soon!

  3. I hope you get switched to days like you want. I can only imagine how hard having a night shift is!

  4. So cute! We have one Matilda Jane dress, and Em wear the heck out of it! She better for what it cost! ;) Hope you get switched to days! I know how frustrating the crazy schedules can be (my husbands is like that!)

  5. Cute dress!!! Good luck on your shift change!

  6. That is the cutest dress I have ever seen! I have never heard of that kind.