It's Fridayyyyyy!!!  Well now it's actually Saturday, because i'm typing this post after midnight =)  This was a long week for some reason, and i'm not sure why.  Monday was even a Holiday!  Emma had a great week at school this week.  She's been bring home homework every night, and doing a really good job on it =)  Ok, so speaking of homework....1st grade homework!?!?  Really??  I'm not sure that I 100% agree with homework in 1st grade, but she's doing a good job with it and it's helping her learn.  My opinion only, but I think that maybe 3rd grade is a good time to start bringing work home.  =) 

This week was Fire Prevention week.  Emma was looking forward to the fire fighters coming to her classroom all week.  And of course, they scheduled her class on Friday.  So she had to wait all week for it.  She thought that it was pretty cool.  Even though we told her that Police Officers are sooooo much cooler! haha  No, i'm kidding, we really didn't.  The whole police officer/fire fighter thing is kinda a big competetion in our family.  Brian and my dad are both Police Officers.  And then you have my father in law who retired not long ago as the Fire Chief in our town, and both of Brians brothers are fire fighter/paramedics.  So we are always joking around as to which is better =) 

So here is a picture of Emma at the end of school today....complete with her fire fighter helmet....

Tomorrow my parents are keeping Emma for the night.  Brian and I are both off from work all weekend and we have a...DATE =)  I honestly couldn't tell you the last time we went out for dinner just the two of us.  We've had breakfast dates and lunch dates when Emma is in school....but not a dinner date in a very very long time.  I'm super excited =)  We are going to try a new restaurant, Kobe Japenese steakhouse.  It's a hibatchi restaurant and they make everything in front of you.  I think it will be lots of fun! 
It's suppose to be really nice but cold today, and then rainy on Sunday.  Ughhh i'n not sure I can handle much more rain!  But I still think it's going to be a  good weekend!  =)

Happy Friday All!!! =)


  1. Again, I love Emma's coat, Emma has the same one!! Waahaa!
    Have fun on your date. Justin and I went to eat and saw Pitch Perfect last night. It cracked me up!

  2. Have fun on your date---yum!

    And I agree about the homework. The thing I hated when working in the schools is that homework in elementary school is more about the parents. Because the "good" parents will make sure their kids do it every night, but many other parents for various reasons do not. And in most cases the children who actually need the homework practice are kids from those second families.

  3. I taught elementary school for a few years before I started staying home with the kids, and I have to agree with you, first grade is much too early to be sending homework home. I agree with Shawna too, the main reason they are doing it is to inform the parents on what their child is learning, but then you have the kids that need the extra work and aren't getting that help at home. Okay, I could go on and on about this, so I am done. :)

    You guys do have a lot of family in the police and fire fighting departments! Wow!

    I am so excited that you guys get to go on a date tonight! I wish Joe and I were too! :) Enjoy and can't wait to hear what you thought of the new restaurant!