Insta-Thursday =)

I think the post is usually Insta-Friday on most blogs, but i'm changing it for mine and making it Insta-Thursday because I really don't have much to post today!  I may or may not have a slight addiction to Instagram, now that i'm the owner of a Smart phone =)  So I tend to take a lot of photos with it, and since I took quite a few today, i'm going to share!

So the morning started off by getting Miss Emma ready and off to school.  Then Brian and I had a breakfast date at a local restaurant.  I couldn't resist ordering this amazing cinnamon roll for my breakfast =)

There was probably 18,000 calories in this, but I have to say I enjoyed it.  And I did share a little with Brian =)
We came home and I hung out watching the Today Show for a bit.  With a puppy on my lap =)
After picking Emma up from school this afternoon, Brian had to leave for work.  So she and I headed to Target to get a few things.  I ended up with a new sweatshirt, and we got a box of the Boo-Berry cereal!  I used to LOVE this stuff as a kid and couldn't wait for Halloween to come around so we could buy it.  I think Emma likes it just as much as I did.
After Target, we headed to Starbucks.  Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate.  Yummy.  I have mentioned it a few times here, and if you haven't tried it.  You must!!
Emma loves to get hot chocolates at Starbucks.  She likes to pretend she's drinking coffee =)
After we had our "coffee" we headed to her school for our first parent teacher conference of the year.  Minus Brian since he had to work.  It went really well!  There are a few things she needs to work on with spelling, but other than that her teacher said she is very outgoing and smart.  Makes me super happy!  =)   Since that went well we headed to one of the restaurants in our town.  They have kids night every other Thursday, and they make a really big deal out of it.  You may remember 2 weeks ago was Pirate night.  Tonight was Super Hero night.  All the wait staff dressed up as super heros!  They did balloon animals, and then gave cupcakes out after dinner.  And 99 cent kids meals!  You really can't go wrong.  And the kids LOVE it! 
Emma chose a balloon hat.  The balloon guy told her it was a tiara =)
Check out the cute cupcakes.  They are huge too!  They had all kinds of superhero cupcakes to choose from.  Em chose spiderman. 
When we were getting ready to leave the restaurant it started to.....RAIN.  Yeah of course.  We can't go a single day for over a week now without rain.  I'm soooo over the rain it's not even funny.
Now we are home, 6:30 Emma has finished her homework for the night, is in her pajamas and hanging out watching a couple of shows before bed.  This momma is tired tonight!  I say now it's going to be an early night for me, but i'll probably end up staying up way late again =)


  1. I must follow you in instagram! :o) I'm sweetlittlelovings. :o)
    P.S. the nail polish looks great! :o)

    1. Thanks!!! I was wondering if you would notice the polish =)

    2. Oh, and by the way, I'm following you on Instagram...i'm nelsonj325 =)

  2. I've gotten out of using Instagram, but I need to get back to it, I love it!

    My hubby loves Franken-Berry, but I always forget and buy him Boo-Berry, so its a big running joke with us. I'll say "Look! Boo-Berry is back!" He just rolls his eyes at me! Ha!

    That restaurant sounds so fun! Emma looked super cute in her tiara!

    Oh, and thanks for the nice comment last night! Made my day! :)

    1. I'm kind of addicted to Instagram right now! haha But that may go away after i've had the phone for a while! =) And the Franken-Berry cereal is ok....but not as good as Boo-Berry!! =)

  3. I am addicted to instagram too. I'm @joeyleeelizabeth
    That cupcake looks really good and so does Emma in her hat

  4. I love instagram. I have a ton of pictures on it, of course most of them are of Emma. Glad the parent teacher conference went well!

  5. The cinnamon roll looks so yummy!

    I need to try the Starbucks hot chocolate sometime.