Wednesday =)

I have been trying to get a good day to get outside and get some pictures of Emma with our dog Gunner.  Today was beautiful outside, and when Emma got out of school we went out and tried to get some photos.  The dog did not want to cooperate.  All he wanted to do was run, run, run.  He stays right in the yard, but he didn't want to stay still.  I managed to get only 2 pictures of the two of them.   We'll have to try it another day =)

Yesterday Emma had her private gymnastics class!  She did really well, but she was exhausted when it was done.  There is a lot more work when it's one on one.  When there are other kids in the class there is a lot of waiting around waiting for the other kids to finish on the bars, or the beam and what not.  When it's one on one, it's just her and she was constantly moving.  She said she had a lot of fun though!  =)

Finally, yesterday we got the school pictures!!!  I couldn't wait to see it, and I don't think it could have come out any better!!! 
I think they came out really well =)
This morning Brian and 3 of his friends headed out bright and early to go hunting.  Gunner was not happy that he couldn't go today! HA!  So instead he went out running errands with me =)
Every time I got out of the car to run in somewhere, I would come out and he would be in the backseat sitting in Emma's booster seat!  Crazy dog! 
Since we only have 7 days left until Halloween, I need to get Emma's Halloween costume altered somehow!  I ordered it off of Etsy, and I'm in LOVE with it, but it's way too big!  I wish I could sew, but I can't =(    One of my co-workers is going to see if she can fix it for me.  So i'm crossing my fingers!!! =) 

Have a great night all!!! =)


  1. LOVE that 2nd picture! Her school picture is adorable too :-)

    That's too bad about the costume! Any way you can belt it somehow? Raya's costume is way too long but I'm folding it up at the waist and have some elastic.

    1. When I had originally tried it on her, she didn't have anything on underneath it. I brought it to one of my coworkers tonight, and we pinned it up in a bunch of places and now it's perfect!! It didn't need as many adjustments as I originally thought it did, so i'm SUPER happy about that now =)

  2. Cute photos! :o)
    Can't wait to see her Halloween costume! :o)

  3. The two pictures you did get though are great!