Super long day =)

I'm exhausted tonight!!!  We had a super long day...but a good one at that.  We started the morning by getting up at 7:00.  (That's after getting out of work at 2am and going to bed shortly after 4am)  So I had just about 3 hours of sleep.  Emma woke up in an amazing mood!  Gosh those mornings are the BEST!  I never once heard her whine at all before taking her to school =)  Brian and I dropped her off at school at 7:50, and then we headed to run errands. 

First Stop.  Starbucks.  Gosh I love that place.  And it's even better when you have a gift card that you had forgotten about =)

We left Starbucks and headed to Home Depot.  All of their Christmas decorations are up.  It's the first part of October.  I think it's a bit early, but it was also kind of exciting to see!!!
After Home Depot we headed to Target so I could do my couponing!!  I take Brian with me because he's better at math and figuring out numbers than I am! haha   I didn't do as well as I had hoped.  BUT...I still saved a ton of money!!  I spent $36.00 and this is what I got.
2 Glade Air Freshners
2 All purpose Pledge
1 Bottle of Method all purpose cleaner
1 Bottle of palmolive dish soap
1 bottle of Up&Up hand wash
1 bottle of Herbal Essence Shampoo
1 bottle of Herbal Essence Conditions
1 Bottle of Jergens body lotion
1 Bottle of Method hand soap
1 package of tinfoil
1 deoderant
1 Bottle of Up&Up Cleaner
1 Scrubbin Bubbles toilet bowl starter kit
2 zip packages of Zip lock bags
1 bottle of Clean & Clear facial cleanser
So all in all I think I did pretty good.  I definately would have loved to have done better.  But I saved a ton of money!!! =)

After Target we went and had lunch with my father in law at Subway, and then headed to the grocery store to get stuff for our supper tonight.  By that time it was time to get Emma from school =)
I thought she looked super cute in her skinny jeans today with her new brown boots =)
We got home around 2:30 and had an hour to spend before heading off to gymnastics.  Emma gets home takes off her boots and looks at me and says, "Mommy this is why my boot hurt so bad today." 
I apperantly forgot to take out the cardboard out of her left boot!!!  Ooopss!!  I don't know how in the world she didn't notice this first thing this morning.  =)

So I decided to try a new nail polish today.  Not so sure what I think of it.  It's a little "black" for me.  It almost has an emerald green tint to it.
I think my hands looks all wrinkly here :-/  haha

It's a rough life being a cat in our house.  Meet Bubbles.  She's our cat that is 3 years old.  She's cute, but she's a terror! haha =)
After hanging out for a bit at the house we headed out to gymnastics =)
Em did a great job in gymnastics today!!! 
After gymnastics was over, we headed home.  Brian went to help his dad move some stuff, and Emma went and played with her cousins.  I started making supper.  Porkchops, mashed potato and squash!  yumm =)  And I decided to make up a batch of homemade apple sauce.  This stuff is soooo simple to make.
Cup up all your apples.  Put into a saucepan.  Add just a bit of water.  I think I used about 1/4 of a cup.  Bring to a boil.  Cook it until the apples become very tender.  I added about 3/4 cup of sugar and then just threw in some cinnamon.  Then mash it all up!  It's super good!
After supper I decided to make these
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Perfect time of the year for them.  Soooo good! 
So that was our day in a nutshell.  I'm just absolutely exhausted after today =)


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. We had pork chops for dinner tonight too

    1. I think porkchops are a great fall meal =) I need to find some new ways of making them though. I always make them the exact same way!

  2. Man, a busy day indeed! I think that day called for 2 Starbucks orders! :oP

    1. hehe =) 2 Starbucks sounds like a good idea!

  3. Super busy day for you guys! I don't know how you were able to roll out of bed at 7 am when you didn't get to bed until 4 am! That Starbucks cup looks yummy! I want to stop there in the morning now - haha!

    I make my crockpot applesauce like that too. Super easy, and I love the smell it creates in the house! So fallish!

    Oh, and I LOVE that nail color. I noticed it in your pictures before you said anything about it. I wear black nail polish a lot.

    1. I'm somewhat obsessed with Starbucks, haha =) And it was a long day, and i'm not sure how I made it through the entire day without a nap. As soon as I finished my blog last night I was sound asleep! =)

  4. Girl! You were super-productive today. I don't know how you were functioning on so little sleep. I would have totally taken a nap :-).

    Recipe for the cookies, please?

    1. I will definately post the recipe sometime today!!! =) They are really good =)