hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends!  This weekend went by f-a-s-t!  We have a super fun week planned this week, so I wasn't too sad to see Monday come today.  I will probably be MIA from here most of the week.  We are heading to Boston Wednesday morning until Sunday.  The girls are pumped, and Brian and I are excited as well!
Today I am recapping our weekend, so grab a cup of coffee and join me =)

Prime Purchases

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  I was MIA yesterday but i'm back today and i'm joining Tanya for her monthly linkup of Prime Purchases.

Farm Life

We have a farm that is operated by our local University that isn't too far from our house.  We used to go quite a bit, but for some reason we haven't been in a really long time.  Since Alyx was really little.  The other day we decided to go since it was on our Summer Bucket List =)

hello Monday

Monday you are here again.  We had a great, but low key weekend.  It was one of those weekends that was relaxing and I really didn't want it to end.  Grab your coffee and join myself, Heather and Lindsay and linkup below =)

What's up Wednesday

Where in the world did this month go?!?  July has flown by so fast.  So the last Wednesday of the month means I am linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer for What's up Wednesday =)

Story Land, NH

This past weekend we took a big family trip to New Hampshire.  Both of Brian's brothers, along with all of their kids, and Brian's parents came along.  

There were a total of 16 of us that went.  We split up between 3 cars.  My oldest niece, Hannah, rode in our car with us.  Alyx just loves Hannah, and they kept each other entertained the 4 hour ride there =) 

The ride there through the Mountains is absolutely beautiful.  

We left Friday morning at just about 7am.  We got to New Hampshire about 11:30.  Our first theme park we went to was Story Land.  The kids were all excited, especially Alyx.

All the kids minus, one.  My nephew wanted nothing to do with taking a photo with the girls.  

Alyx loved all the rides she went on.  Although, she didn't do a ton of rides because kind of nervous about them.  What can I say, she takes after her Momma =)  

And then there was Emma.  Emma went on every single ride there was.  #NoFear.  It was kind of weird because we really saw very little of Emma while we were there.  She was off with her older cousins riding the rides.  They are at the age now where they all have phones and are able to go off on their own for a bit.

We stayed at the park until just about 6:00 pm and then we were off to find our hotel and check in.

Alyx quickly fell asleep in the car on the ride to the hotel.

We checked into the hotel, and the kiddos played around out back of the hotel for a bit before heading to dinner.

That wrapped up day 1.  I'll be back for day 2 on Thursday!

hello Monday

Happy Monday friends! We are just getting back from being out of state the last 3 days so I don't have any post for today.  I will be back tomorrow with a recap of our weekend!
Feel free to still link up below =