Currently {December Edition}

Happy Thursday friends!!  We are so close to the weekend I can almost feel it.  Today I am linking up with Anne in Residence for her monthly linkup, currently.

I'm not gifting anything quite yet, but I pretty much have all of my Christmas shopping done!  We will be gifting in about 19 days!  I am excited about some of the gifts I bought this year.  Brian's gift just may be my favorite.  I can't share what that is until after Christmas in case he decides to read this ole' blog of mine =)

Saturday is our day to do some Christmas baking!  Sugar cookies and molasses cookies are on the list to make.  

Does anyone have a really great sugar cookie recipe they use??  

I've been so tempted to just buy the slice and bakes and decorate those.  But I think homemade would be much better!  So if you have a good recipe you use, please comment with it!!  

And look how little Emma was!  I wish we could go back to those days at times.

All the Christmas music!  We love our echo dot.  We just tell Alexa to play SiriusXM Country Christmas and she starts playing it. These are our favorite Christmas albums.

Our Christmas Cards!  I love love love getting Christmas cards in the mail.  I don't know why, but i'm like a giddy kid this time of the year when I see the mailman.  We always hang them around our door frame going from the living room into the kitchen, and it's so fun to walk by and see all the fun Christmas cards.  Ours are going out this week =)  I'll share them soon here.

Look at this one from 2013...

Sigh...where have my babies gone?!?!

All the twinkling Christmas lights make me SO happy!  I love them.  I love sitting in our living room in the evening with the lights from the tree, our mantle and a fire going.  It's just the best.  That's my favorite part of decorating this time of the year.  The lights.

Thanks Anne for hosting this fun monthly linkup =)

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