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Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all had the best weekend!  We certainly did and today I am recapping.  I hope you will join myself, Heather and Lindsay grab our graphic and linkup your Monday post today =)

This weekend went by so fast!  I feel like all of December so far has just flown right by.  We are soaking up every single bit of the Holiday season though =)

Friday evening we stayed in and watched the University of Maine football game.  This is the furthest Maine has ever gone in their league and it was so fun to watch them play on ESPN.  And they won against Utah!  So they are onto the final 4 in their division.  Next weekends game will be exciting to watch for sure.

This weekend was bitterly cold.  It didn't get above 10 degrees I don't think.  We had plans on Saturday that included being outside, so Saturday morning we headed to the mall to get Emma a new hat and mittens.  And then we headed to the Library to meet with Santa =)

Alyx was SO excited to see him!

She talked his ear off, it was too funny.  Thankfully there wasn't anyone behind us in line so she got quite a bit of one on one time with him.  After meeting with Santa we headed to another room in the library where they had a childrens mall set up.  The local University had college kids working it, and every thing in the "store" was $1.00.  It gives kids the opportunity to buy some little things for family members.  Emma took Alyx in and she had a blast I guess picking things out for me and Brian.  I'll be anxious on Christmas morning to see what we get =)

Later that afternoon we went to our City Park for the annual Christmas tree lighting.  This years tree was different.  It was made out of Kayaks.  Our town is home to the Old Town Canoe.  They're a pretty popular company and they donated the kayaks to make the worlds largest Kayak tree.

It was SO cold!!  Thankfully they had hot cocoa and coffee to keep us warm.  Saturday morning Patch left the girls this...

So after the Christmas tree lighting, we headed back home, the girls got on their pj's and we went and looked at Christmas lights around town.

We do this every year and we all love it!  Alyx ended up falling asleep in the truck around 8:00. She was so tired.

Sunday morning I went shopping with my mom, and then later in the afternoon Emma had friends over for their 1st Annual Friends-Mas party.  She came up with the idea to have a few friends over, exchange gifts and have a cookie decorating challenge.

They all exchanged gifts and they all got some cute stuff!

And then they had their cookie decorating challenge.

We gave them 30 minutes to complete their cookie.  I had all intentions to make homemade gingerbread men and sugar cookies....but you know what?  The store had them all pre-made and they were perfect shaped.  So I went with those! ha!
We couldn't believe how good they did!!  We let Alyx be the judge of who won.  We stayed in the living room while they decorated, and then they put their cookies on the counter so we wouldn't know who's was who's.

The cookie on the above picture with the tree on the shirt won!  We gave her a $15.00 i-Tunes gift card for winning.  Emma's cookie came in 2nd place.  Hers is the one with the reindeer on the shirt.  

They continued decorating sugar cookies and then I had some snack food set out for them.

And then they just took a bunch of pictures.

They had the BEST time.  I love this group of girls.  They get along SO well. 
By the time everyone left at 7:00, I was exhausted!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!  Be sure to linkup with us below =)

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