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Happy Wednesday Friends =)  

I'm linking up with the ladies from What's up Wednesday today!

Monday - Shepherds Pie
Tuesday - Out to dinner
Wednesday - Pizza
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Out to dinner
How much my girls have grown!  I keep looking back at past Christmas' and I just can't get over how big they are now!

This time of the year is honestly my favorite to just stay at home, have hot cocoa, and enjoy the twinkling Christmas lights.  The other night Brian was working, Alyx had gone to bed and Emma and I made hot cocoa and watched Christmas shows.  It was so nice to spend just a little time with just her =)

Swim practice every single night.  And a swim meet last weekend.  

We have been out looking at Christmas lights...

We held a "Friends-Mas" at our house for Emma and her friends...

Wrapping all the gifts!  I have everything purchased, I just need to get it all wrapped!

I guess the only thing would be, taking all my Christmas decorations down.  That's kind of a dreadful day.

Christmas morning and seeing it all through my girls eyes =)

I'm not going to lie...all I watch lately is Hallmark Christmas movies.  And yes, i've seen them all about 20 times!  ha =)

Alllllll the Christmas music!

When i'm home it's been flannel pj pants and slippers!  

We're shopping for a Christmas family, finishing wrapping all of my gifts and probably a lot of relaxing.  I haven't completely decided but i'm pretty sure I am taking all of next week off from work =)

Movie buckets!  I have done SO many of these.  At the Dollar Tree they sell $1.00 plastic popcorn buckets.  I fill it with candy, a bag of popcorn and a movie.  Sometimes i've even put a gift card to a movie theater in it.  They are simple to put together and can be very inexpensive too.  

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

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