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Happy Thursday Friends!  Wow.  We have been super busy around here lately!  I feel like I kind of fell off the face of the blogging world.  So let's catch up a bit with some life lately around here!

I feel like we have had no rest around.  We've been on the go constantly.  But I guess that's what summers are for, right!

A little over a month ago I had an interview for a job, and two weeks ago after passing a polygraph let me tell you that was fun, I accepted the position.   I have been with my current job for almost 15 years, so starting over has me a bit nervous, but I am also SO excited for this opportunity.  I've been a police/fire/ems dispatcher and 911 call taker for the last 15 years. I work about 20 minutes from home and crazy days and hours.  The position I accepted is the Administrative Assistant for our local Police and Fire Department.  The drive is less than 1 minute from our house, so technically I could walk!  The hours are Monday-Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm!  No more weekends, nights or holidays =)  I am beyond excited for that!  My last day of work is tomorrow and I start my new job on Monday =)

Okay, so let's recap life around here lately.
Most mornings that I am not at work we spend out mornings out on the front porch drinking coffee...and playing with Barbies.

Emma has been asking to go to her favorite breakfast spot for a while now, so the other morning we headed there. 

She loves their homemade onion bagels with green olive cream cheese and a homemade raspberry lime rickey drink.  So good!!

The other night we had my niece Hannah spend the night.  The next morning this is what I found...

All 3 girls sound asleep in Emma's bed =) 
The next morning we headed to Bar Harbor for the day.

I can't even begin to tell you how much Alyx is in love with her big cousin Hannah.  She just absolutely loves her!!

We had dinner at a local restaurant, Geddys.

We've also watched lots of Red Sox on TV.  

Alyx loves watching Mookie Betts play!  

We are heading to camp for the weekend, and my parents surprised Emma with a new toy.

She was SO excited to get a kayak!  

Alyx had to get in it too of course ;)

So that's our life lately around here!  
I don't think I will be posting tomorrow only because we have so much going on, but I will be back next week!  Have a great day and weekend!!!
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