hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Be sure to grab our graphic and linkup your Monday post with myself and Heather!

I can't believe the weekend is over already!  They always go by so fast.  And we had a really great weekend at that.

Friday I only worked for a couple of hours.  Alyx was at daycare, Brian was off and Emma was home.  Brian mowed the lawn and I weeded out my flower gardens.  I cannot believe how full all my flowers are.  I am loving them!

After we headed to do some errands, and grabbed a bite to eat for lunch.

Emma loved the alone time with just Brian and I.  No sister around to bug her ;) 

Friday evening we had dinner at my in-laws and then we went to our favorite ice cream shop for dessert =)

My girls and 2 of my nieces.  They all enjoyed their ice cream!

Brian and I had our favorite, Butterscotch ice cream =) So good!!

Saturday morning started super bright and early.  We headed out of town just before 8am for a softball tournament that Emma was in.  It was just about 2 hours from home.  

They were ready to play some ball!!

They played their hearts out during this first game, but they came up short and lost.  We had a few hours to waste before their next game so we headed to Freeport, to do some shopping at LL Bean and some other outlets.  We stopped at had lunch at Johnny Rockets.

Alyx thought it was great when our waitress made a fun face of ketchup in this little bowl for her =) 

After lunch we headed back to the softball field for more games.

And this is what you do while waiting for your games to begin.

Take little naps! ha =)

The last game of the day didn't get over until almost 8:30 pm.  Let me tell you, this mom was exhausted!  Sitting in the sun all day watching games honestly wiped me out! haha
The girls did great!!

Such a great group of girls who all got along SO well.  And I'm very proud of them too!

Sunday was a day of being lazy.  We didn't get home from the softball tournament until after 11:00 pm Saturday night.  We did some grocery shopping and then a whole lot of nothing! ha!

I was able to sit outside in the morning and enjoy my coffee.

Emma had dutch braids pretty much all weekend in her hair and when she took them out she was a curly-q!

Her face expression makes me laugh! =)

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!!

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