4th of July {Recap}

Happy Thursday!  I hope you all have had a great week so far, and I also hope you all had a great 4th of July!!  I'm here today to recap ours =)

Every year we spend our 4th at my parents house.  Every year it seems like it's less and less people, but we still have a good time!  This year the weather wasn't exactly ideal, but we made the best of it!
I didn't take a ton of photos, because well it rained a good portion of the day.  The kids still had a blast though =)

We started out our 4th with heading out of town and ending up at a car dealership.  Brian has been wanting a truck for a while, and he finally bit the bullet and bought one.

So far he barely lets us even breath inside of it! ha!  Alyx wanted some pringles on our ride home yesterday and he was having a fit because the girls may get crumbs in it ;)  I told him after about 2 weeks he will care less of the girls have snacks in it =)   I think I need to purchase a step stool to get in and out of it.  It's pretty high up for me!

Monday evening the girls swam and swam in my parents pool.  Alyx was super brave and would jump off the ladder with her little tube around her.

If allowed both of these girls would live in a pool from the second they woke up in the morning until it is time for bed.  They are both fish!

We ended the evening with some sparklers outside.

Alyx was good holding them until she noticed the sparkler moving slowly down the metal.  Then she gladly handed them over to me =)

Tuesday morning we woke up and headed to the parade.

Can you believe this is literally the only photo I got of the girls on the 4th!  Crazy.  But the weather honestly wasn't too great, and it rained most of the day.

The rain didn't keep the kids out of the pool!

Three sweet cousins =)

Lunch was delicious!  Red hot dogs, burgers and all kinds of yummy salads and my aunt made some delicious deviled eggs =)

We headed back home later that afternoon, and with all the swimming and playing that Alyx did, we hadn't even made it out of my parents town before she was sound asleep =)

I hope you all had a great 4th!  And I hope you have a great Thursday!!

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