More Vacation Recap

Happy Tuesday Friends!  So I have 2 posts up today, be sure to check out the other one as well.  It's the Holiday Ornament Exchange reveal and you can find it by clicking HERE.

So here is more vacation recap!  On Tuesday 11/29 we headed off to our first Disney park!  We chose to do Hollywood Studios in the morning and then Epcot that evening.  The girls were both so excited to finally get to Hollywood Studios!

Disney just recently took down the gigantic Mickey Sorcerers hat, and I think it is a huge improvement!  You can finally see the Chinese theater in the background again.  The first thing we did when we got there was hit up Disney Jr live on Stage.  Alyx loved it!  She sang along to all the songs and thought it was great!  

We also did the Frozen sing along, and even as an adult I loved it!!  It was funny and adorable!

It even "snowed" inside =)  Alyx just loved it!  Emma did too, and I think Brian did as well ;) 

Alyx met Doc McStuffins and I think that was one of the biggest highlights of the trip for her.

My favorite at HS is the Great Movie ride.  It was a bit scary for Alyx, but she covered her face with her blanket during the scary parts and all was good.

So let me back up just a second. I had not one single intention of potty training Alyx before we left.  She showed no interest and it just wasn't anything I wanted to get into while on vacation.  However, Alyx decided completely on her own on the drive down to Florida that at each rest stop she wanted to pee.  Not a single accident the entire drive there at all!  So while waiting in line for a show Alyx peed and it went through her pull up.  Well mom of the year right here forgot our bag of change of clothes for Alyx back at our resort.  One of the cast members saw what happened and they brought us to guest services and wrote out a piece of paper for a complete change of clothes for Alyx!  Seriously!  I couldn't believe it!  Talk about Disney pixie dust right there!  That's one of the reasons I love Disney so much!  

We had lunch at Hollywood Studios and then Emma met Donald Duck.  Alyx wanted nothing to do with Donald! ha!

We headed back to the resort for a bit to relax before heading to Epcot for the evening.

The Christmas decorations at Disney are unbelievable.  They are gorgeous!

The girls thought these lights on the ground were awesome =)

We hit up the Finding Nemo ride immediately.  Alyx loved it!

We headed to walk around the countries after Nemo and grabbed dinner in France at a small cafe there.

We had delicious sandwiches and of course some french deserts as well =)  We had fast passes for the ride Soarin', and it was amazing...however this girl has a serious fear of heights, so I just kept my eyes straight ahead! LOL
 We did a couple other little rides and then headed back to our resort.
I will recap the next couple of days tomorrow =)

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  1. This is getting me SO excited for our trip (which isn't until October LOL) We loved the Frozen sing a long too and you're right, it was hilarious! That is SO awesome a cast member did that for Alyx!! They are truly awesome at Disney!

  2. I am loving all of your pictures! The joy on your girls faces is so evident-what a special experience for them!!!

  3. The food at Disney is amazing, right?! So what did they do with the big hat? Did it disappear? My girls were leaning over my shoulders to see your pictures and couldn't get close enough. I bet y'all had the most amazing time.

  4. Interesting that the hat is gone! And I did not know Donald is meeting up at DHS again. We aren't going to that park this time though! Epcot is a yes though!

  5. Looks like another fun day! Seriously, Alyx is looking so grown up; I can't get over it!

  6. What a great day! I am loving seeing your trip to get ideas for our trip in March!

  7. EEEK! I love it! We loved the Frozen show at HS, as well! Way to go, Alyx...but bless her heart! Disney is so good!
    Funny story....We were in the class where they teach you to draw Mickey Mouse and Ella peed in the seat and we had to run out! She was 6, so of course, I didn't have a change of clothes....I had to go to the nearest gift shop and buy her new pants! HA

  8. The last time I was at Disney (two years ago), they were working on The Frozen section. I can't wait to see it. It looks amazing! Can you believe I have never had a macaroon? What's wrong with me? They look so pretty!!