Vacation Recap {Magic Kingdom}

Happy Wednesday!!  Ok, so today I am recapping more of our vacation.  Are you guys tired of these posts yet??  I still have a lot left to post about! ha! =)
So on 11/30 we decided to have a low key morning/early afternoon.  Our goal was to do Magic Kingdom late afternoon into the evening since they were open until 11pm that day.  So first things first.  I had my coffee on our patio and found Patch there as well.

He brought the girls each a candy cane and found himself a candy cane t-shirt to wear ;)
Around lunch time we headed to Celebration, Florida.  I think it originally was a town that Disney built.  And i'm certain that Disney is still involved in this town.  It is pretty much like the perfect little town.  The houses are beautiful, the area is amazing and the downtown area is perfect.  We had lunch at a little cafe and ate outside, and then we walked the downtown area.

After Celebration, we headed back to the resort to change and get ready to head to the Magic Kingdom!! FINALLY!!  
 The girls were both so excited to take the Monorail into the park, and of course it was shut down that afternoon for maintenance so we took the Riverboat.  We like the Riverboat, but not as much as the Monorail =)

Two VERY excited girls to get the Magic Kingdom!

There is nothing more exciting than getting onto Main St USA and seeing the castle at the end!!


A rain shower had just gone through but after it was beautiful!!

The first ride we did was the Peoplemover.  I know it's slow but we all love it!

Next up was Dumbo!

After Dumbo we saw this amazing rainbow over the Magic Kingdom area!  This was over Ariel's Grotto.  It really was much prettier in person.

We rode tons of rides.  And the girls all loved them!  Around 9 we had fast passes to meet the new Princess Elena of Avalor and the iconic...Cinderella =)
Alyx is in LOVE with Princess Elena.  Like loves her.  So she was so excited when we finally got into the room and saw her =)

Alyx wouldn't stop.talking.  Like really.  Talked and talked and talked.  Everyone in the room was laughing hysterically!  Brian video taped most of it.  And then we met Cinderella.

I think it was this picture when Alyx looked at Cinderella and just as serious as she could be said, "Are you going to do my makeup now?" LOL Again, everyone died laughing.  It was hard getting her out of here because she was just so content talking to them as if they were in our living room having coffee with us.  It was seriously so cute!

By this time it was starting to get kind of late and Alyx hadn't had a nap, so we decided to head back to the resort.
But not before a couple pictures of the Castle ;) 

The castle is pretty on any normal day, but it is even more pretty when it's covered in christmas lights that make it look like ice and snow =)

The next day we took a day off from parks.  We went to IKEA in the morning.  Let me tell you, I have never been to an IKEA and I am in LOVE people!  I could have spent all day in there.  I bought a ton of stuff.  We actually ended up going back again the day before we left to buy more! ha!  So we spent the morning and early afternoon there.  When we got back to the resort Emma begged to swim, so off to swim we went.

Our room was right in the middle on the ground level.  I could live there and be perfectly content ;)

The pools were beautiful.  Emma loves to swim for sure.

Later that afternoon we went to Disney's Boardwalk Resort.  We love to go there in the evenings it's always so much fun.  They had a magic show of sorts and they picked Emma out of the audience to participate with them.

It was really cute.  And Emma was cute too =)

When we got back to the resort at 8pm they had a polynesian luau at one of the pools.  It was pretty neat and Brian and I enjoyed some drinks =)

I had the Pina Colada...Brian had some weird blue thing that was pretty icky! ha! 

That's all for today...tomorrow I will recap our day at Universal Studios!  One of Emma's favorite days!! 
Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. Awww Alyx with the princesses is seriously priceless!! The castle with those lights on is so so beautiful!

  2. Aaaahhhh!!!! A rainbow at Disney?! It simply doesn't get any better than that folks!

  3. No, I'm not tired of reading this! So exciting! I love your pictures and stories. We love the Boardwalk area - we're staying at the Swan hotel so we'll be right nearby!

  4. The story of Alyx meeting Cinderella is too cute!!! That rainbow over Disney is perfect!!!

  5. Those rainbow pictures are amazing!!!!!

  6. Disney is my FAVORITE place on earth! I tonk we need to plan a trip and meet there!
    I love reading about Disney through other peoples eyes!! :) Can't wait for more recaps!