Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends =)  The weekend is almost here, but I'm not too excited about it.  I'm back to work today and work all weekend.  It's definitely a struggle coming back to work after having over 3 weeks off ; )

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our dog missed us like crazy while we were gone.

He has been stuck to all of us like glue.  And whenever we leave the house for short periods of time, he is soooo excited when we get home.  Such a big baby he is =)

I'm so thankful that I had almost a week off after coming back from vacation with just Brian.  The girls went to school and daycare.  We were able to have some alone time and get some Christmas shopping done.

What's better than Starbucks and Christmas shopping, right?

We also were able to go out to lunch just the two of us.

We love love sushi.  I'm trying to be more adventurous and try new sushi rolls, but I can't get myself to eat the raw stuff.  My favorites are the spicy kani rolls and the shrimp tempura.  Brian loves the raw stuff though =)

Emma was back in the pool this week since being home from vacation.  Well, she spent a lot of time in the pool in Florida too I suppose =)

She is competing in her very first swim meet this weekend and is SO nervous.  I wish I could go but I'm working.  Thankfully her grandparents are taking her.  

Emma's class was chosen to paint Christmas windows on the windows of our downtown area.  Brian and I were driving by and saw her =)  I rolled the window down and yelled to her, but she either was ignoring me or didn't hear me ;) Ha!

And lastly, we finally got our outdoor Christmas lights up.  Wayyyy later than I wanted but this was the only time we really had to do it.  

Brian is always a good sport hanging them =)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!  See you back here Monday.  I'll be recapping more of our vacation on Monday.  And don't forget, tuesday to linkup with myself, Beth, Justine, Stephanie and Heather for an ornament show and tell=)
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  1. How nice to have had that extra week off when you guys got back! We love sushi too but I can't do raw either. Sorry you have to work all weekend, hope you can squeeze in some fun!

  2. My favorite sushi roll is also a shrimp tempura roll! So fun that you and your hubby got to have a date and get some Christmas shopping done too!! I hope the transition back to work isn't too painful-thank goodness Christmas is just a week away!!

  3. I've had only 1 red cup this season and I am not happy about it. I think I may try to fix that this week.

  4. I bet that post vacation week off was exactly what you needed. Coming home is hard enough without heading straight back to work!

  5. A few days off after vacation is always needed, and so glad you two were able to have a little time to yourselves!
    So fun that Emma's class got to paint the downtown windows. What a fun thing for the school and community to do! I remember doing that in school and always thought it was the coolest thing.

  6. I love sushi! My favorite is tuna avacado