Noah's Bandaid Project

A few weeks ago I received an email from a sweet blog friend, Desiree.  She had received this e-mail from Brittany who blogs over at Just Another Day In Paradise.  Brittany has neighbors who had a sweet little boy Noah, who passed away in 2015 from pediatric cancer. Before Noah passed away, he started Noah's Band-aid Project.  At 6 years old he realized how un-cool skin colored band-aids were.  He started this project to collect fun band-aids and distributed them to other kids at a Children's Hospital. 
With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Brittany offered to collect band-aids, and deliver them to Noah's parents.  This is where we as bloggers came in to play.  

A few days ago I took the girls to the store to pick out some fun band-aids to send to Brittany.  Alyx is still way to young to understand, but on the way there Emma and I talked about what exactly what  were doing and why we were doing this.  Emma has the biggest heart ever and this was something that she felt very strongly about. So we headed to Target!

Alyx had a really really hard time picking just the right ones. Emma's picks were easy.  =) 

I'm so glad that the girls and I did this together.  And I certainly hope these band-aids will bring a smile to a little girl or little boy fighting this horrible disease.  And Thank You Brittany for collecting these band-aids!!