Apple Picking 2016

Hi Friends =)  And Happy Tuesday!   Fall has definitely found it's way here to Maine.  Up until yesterday we had temperatures in the 80's.  And when I got into my car yesterday morning to bring Emma to school, it was 39 degrees and my windshield was completely frost covered.  I'm not going to was actually kind of nice =)  I truly love Fall.  And it's here =)

Thankfully it didn't take long for the frost to go away, and the temps rised to mid 60's =)
So after we picked Emma up from school yesterday we went Apple picking!  We are really getting a good start on our Fall Bucket List!

We decided to hit up a different apple orchard than the one we have visited in the past.  And I am very happy we did!  The apples at this particular orchard were huge!  And so many different varieties of them.

Alyx was all about picking an apple as soon as we got there.  She picked one, and carried it around the orchard the entire time we were there.

And I have to mention.  I did bring my big camera with me and Emma went to take a picture and said it wasn't taking photos.  Well it certainly helps when it has a memory card in it.  Yup.  Left it at home! ha =)

Emma loved climbing in the trees to get the huge apples at the top.  I may or may not have been scared to death she was going to fall and break an arm or a leg.  But I took a deep breath ;)

That's a good apple!

There is the apple again.  She carried the same exact one all the way home with her =)

It came out really dark...but you get the picture...My family <3

Apple picking is my favorite fall thing to do.  And today I am going to spend the afternoon making an apple crisp and making mason jars of homemade apple sauce =) 
I hope you all have a great Tuesday! 
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  1. Y'all look like you had so much fun!! Love that Alyx carried an apple around!
    Homemade applesauce.... please share!!

  2. Y'all are the the cutest and look at the girls in their plaid. I LOVE it. SO I must confess. I pull that memory card stunt ALL the time. I finally ended up hiding a spare that I have in a pocket in my purse for this exact situation. Because lets be real... it WILL happen again :P.

  3. We love apple picking too! I love that Alxy carried the same apple around the whole time, LOL!!

  4. I am cracking up about your fall in Texas 80 degrees means it's fall...39 degrees means it's January and we're not leaving the house for two days. Ha!!
    Love the pictures! Your sweet little Alyx picking that one apple. How cute!

  5. Looks like a beautiful day! I am working on an apple picking post too!

  6. 39 is Winter for me. Not Fall. BRRR!!

  7. What a fun time with your precious family!! The girls are just so cute and you can tell they were having so much fun! Girl-I don't know how you do it! 39° already?!? I would be sobbing!!
    have so much fun making your apple treats- I bet your house smells amazing!

  8. Looks like such a fun afternoon and a great start to fall. Great family pictures! And yes, 39 is a very cold winter day here too! :)